Saturday, February 2, 2008

v/a-"What good bayside core?" cd

What a good comp. from Japan...Fishy, Criticism Armament and Chaos Of Brutality...once you hear Fishy, you'll want more...i do!

01. Intro/Death alley
02. Color of love
03. 10 years & happens
04. Hostess bastard!!
05. No idea

Criticism Armament:
06. 教祖
07. 終止符
08. 闘争
09. 行ク果テ

Chaos Of Brutality:
10. Human ego
11. Rewind a pain
12. Explanation
13. Insult
14. Distress
15. Contempt
16. Profit
17. Restriction


alex666 said...

I looked forward to the compilation, but would file is damages and cannot open one. Pleace, can you do once what make therewith?
Greetings from Slovakia

Oyml said...

Thank you for everything on your blog. You have a great selection of stuff.

Like the above poster mentions, there are some problems opening some of your files with Windows systems. In this case, the problem comes from using the "/" character which is not allowable in Windows. Also, the "?" character can cause problems, but that one doesn't prevent the whole archive from working...