Saturday, January 19, 2008

Neuroottiset Pelimannit-"Sita Saa Mita Tilaa" ep

Amazing Finnish hardcore from 2001. Crazy vocalist with cool bass lines and drum parts... I don't know why no one talks about these guys because most modern Finnish hardcore really sucks in my opinon. Anyways, these guys also had a split 7" w/Tartunta (the NP songs on that are also killer) and another full length 7" (which didn't do much for me but maybe I need to go back and listen to it again) after this first EP. Enjoy!

1. Ala palvo rahaa (Don't adore money)
2. Miten niin? (How?)
3. Olemisen vitutus (Fucked up 'cause of being)
4. No tekee vaarin (They're doing wrong)
5. Vuodatus (Effusion)
6. Kyrpaa ja nyrkiia (Incest and fist)
7. Tappakaa mut (Kill me)
8. Nazi polizai

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Assault-"S/T" ep

First EP by Assault from Japan... amazing Japanese hardcore with really melodic/epic overtones. The kind of songs I hear playing in my head when I imagine bombs raining down from the sky. Released in 2000 on Loud Hatred Records and they also have another 7" and 12" on Partners In Crime as well as a CD on HG Fact.

1. Pain
2. Frail
3. Feel Nothing

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v/a-"Fight back vol.1/The world's hardcore comp." cd

This is one good comp...good bands and 3 songs from Guillotine Terror that are so brutal......

Corpus Vile:
01. The price of betrayal

02. Realities of war (Discharge)

03. I buried him

Scum Blast:
04. Black day

Guillotine Terror:
05. Dead peace

06. Rock for in my shout

Scum Blast:
07. Slider

Corpus Vile:
08. We never learn

09. Pigs can fly

Guillotine Terror:
10. Go alone

11. Modern society

The Thought Police:
12. Poison mind

13. Police poem/Police state

14. Shot hope

15. Death update

16. 4 more years

17. Scrap shot/T.M.B.T.

18. Brain donor

Guillotine Terror:
19. 日の丸よ灰になれ

Power Of Idea-"Yellow thrash" cd

Don Fury who produced this cd wrote in the booklet "To Mike and Power Of Idea-Japans most brutal punk band!"......I agree

01. War infects people's minds
02. Sons of science
03. I am hyper active
04. 51st state of America
05. Perticipate don't spectate
06. Fashionable white rice
07. Brownrice
08. Problem of A.R.E.
09. Special lunch
10. Power of idea
11. One for all
12. Nightmare

Razors Edge-"Thrash March" cd

From the return of bandana thrash Razors Edge from Japan was born....this cd has the Thrash March ep & 5 songs from comps..

01. Futurepresident
02. Born again
03. Not the same
04. No mark
05. Dogs
06. Thrash march
07. Razors Edge is most thrash!
08. Livingdead
09. Snake-bite
10. Sugar room is burning
11. More soul for beat

Evildead-"Rise above" 3" cd

From Alhambra CA. comes Evildead...I got to see them in the late '80 at Fenders ballroom, with Possessed, Dark Angel and Cryptic Slaughter, It was one of the best shows that i ever went....

01. Rise above/S.T. riff
02. Sloe-death
03. Run again

牙-"魑魅魍魎" cd

牙 (Kiba) from Japan, this is there 1st cd...there 2nd one I will put up later...very spirit!

01. Intro
02. We are the power...魑魅魍魎
03. Cold war
04. Never mind
05. Rotten city
06. 欲望
07. Anger

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Vitu's Dance/H.H.H.-split lp

Vitu's Dance from Spain, here's there split lp with H.H.H.......I only put the Vitu's Dance this band is totaly hardcore!

01. Intro/Despertar
02. Dos mentes, un mundo
03. Street
04. A la caza de brujas
05. Mi generacion
06. Uh?
07. Cualquier dia...cualqier dia
08. Pasion
09. Johny Juergas
10. Esto es lo que quiero que veas
11. Diles que se vayan
12. Ante la ley

No Security/Doom-split lp

Another record from No Security, it's the split LP with Doom.....but, I only put the No Security side....

01. Markt for livet
02. Masskontroll
03. Sydafrikafragan
04. Den eller de
05. Stamplad
06. Trangsynt
07. Fegis

Sunday, January 13, 2008

v/a-"The darkest 4" tape

Yup, this what you call metal.......a Japanese compilation tape.....good bands!

01. Fester terror
02. From the hades

03. The day comes

04. Spere alive

05. Mastre
06. Scum system fear

v/a-"Asal ganid" tape

Here's a compilation from the Philippines, I just found this in my box of tapes...don't know were I got it...but I'm glad that I have it.

Red Corpse:
01. The crack, the cop & me
02. State of zombies

Lie Detector:
03. Self destruct
04. World's fucked up

Aggressive Dog Attack:
05. Mapanganib
06. Dare to care

07. Against the wall
08. Aklas

Counter Attack:
09. Losing fear
10. Knowing for truth

11. No strings attach
12. No stereo type allowed

Life's Halt-"'97 Demo" demo

Life's Halt was one of the many great bands to come out of Los Angels and the '97 demo (10 songs, 12 minutes) was the sign of things to come for the next 4 years. This was fast thrash without the crossover metal. The demo was a little slower pace than their first release on Youngblood Records. They along with W.H.N.? would start the whole bandanna thrash style all over again. Life's Halt reminds me of D.R.I., Suicidal Tendencies,JFA, Circle Jerks, and Black Flag (Yes,all those bands!),Get into it! Viva Life's Halt!! Viva The PCH!!

01. Ten thousand strong
02. Race for '97
03. Kingdom come
04. Monster Joe
05. Why we are
06. Get in the pit
07. In my face
08. T.F.G.
09. Ranker
10. Down

Reviewed by my homie Salbert Talbert

v/a-"Tokyo Santama City hard core" flexi ep

Flexi released by MCR (MCR-040) probably from around 1991 or so. You can't go wrong with Japanese hardcore... ever!

1. Less Haze-Open Your Eyes/Can't You Go Back
2. Rinjyu Zange-Time Without Night
3. G.J.P.B.-Guaranteed Society
4. GIL-Drop In Hell

Reviewed by my homie Music Of Extinction

v/a-"Cry of soul" ep

7" Comp. released by Crow (Crow Records 3) featuring 1 track each from HIS HERO IS GONE (USA), SELFISH (Finland), FINAL BOMBS (Japan) and CROW (Japan). This came out around 1999 I think and I'm pretty sure the HHIG and SELFISH tracks were re-released later but not sure about the Japanese band tracks. Either way.... good shit!

1. His Hero Is Gone-Disinformation Age
2. Selfish-To Do One's Duty
3. Final Bombs-No Turning Back
4. Crow-Wind Of Hell

Reviewed by my homie Music Of Extinction