Saturday, February 16, 2008

Scraps-"Aaargh!" ep

And they say France has no good bands...Scraps, if Larm had there drinks spiked and played chaotic as fuck noise..fuck it...aaaargh!!!!!!!!!!!

01.Ua service de la loi (Les meuririers sont rois!!)
02. Macho klan
03. Major shits
04. I hate memories
05. Es lebe der tod

S.O.B.-"Leave me alone" ep

Yup, S.O.B. Naoto from Rise From The Dead plays bass on this ep.....also look for the What's the truth? lp

01. Not me
02. Give me advice
03. Fat women
04. SDI & ABM
05. Knock out
06. Sudden rise of desire
07. Leave me alone
08. Slap in the face
09. Thrash night (Freak out)

D.O.N.D.O.N-"Skulls" ep

Hardcore to the core from Japan....D.O.N.D.O.N.........what does it stand for?...

01. Borderline
02. Politics
03. Cleoptra's dream
04. Weak person
05. 最後の晩餐 -Last supper-

Colectivo Caotico-"Chupando sangre...para la gente pobre!!" ep

From Mexico, Colectivo Caotico....punk rock that makes you wanna dance....looking for there tape, don't know the title...

01. El estado
02. Quiero saber
03. Mierda en la ciudad
04. La linea
05. Es pecado

Final Count-"S/T" flexi ep

Wow....Final Count from Japan....My reviews sucks, but this music kicks ass.....

01. Imitate a human
02. Silence
03. Will full life
04. No follow the fashion
05. Double faced person

GIL-"To us conflict is not important" ep

Here's GIL from japan 2nd ep, the flexi is way better...ha!

01. Opening song (Become narrow)
02. Fight
03. Losing dog
04. Don't look back
05. Find your real self
06. To us conflict, is not important

Dead Person-"S/T" flexi ep

I can't take it anymore, all these Japanese bands are's Dead Person

01. No marcy surviving
02. M.D.I.
03. Charge in trap
04. Shout
05. No money

Reflex From Pain-"Checkered future" flexi ep

Ray of Youth Of Today sang on this flexi...and he should've stood with Reflex From Pain.....the Black and white ep is like what ever.

01. You're the hate
02. Complacency
03. Bury my pride
04. Blind faith
05. B.S. straight edge
06. Knife in my back
07. Roller rink stud
08. Peer pressure
09. Someone's waiting
10. The scream

Rise From The Dead-"ハラグロ" flexi ep

Rise From The Dead with Naoto ex bass player of S.O.B. this is good, also look for the split ep with the lp 825, it's more experimental and didn't get into it...

01. Intro/End of the rotting
02. Long life
03. Give a strained meaning

Friday, February 15, 2008

Exhale-"Strive against fate" ep

Great traditional Japanese hardcore from 2001 (?) on Throw Up Records (Throw Up #01). For some reason no one ever really mentions these guys... They also have split 7"s with DIALLO and the almight SKITKIDS that are also great.

01. Trap Under Silence
02. Cut Off Darkness
03. Break Illusion
04. Shout For Reality

Reviewed by my homie Music Of Extinction

Amdi Petersens Arme-"S/T" ep

Killer hardcore punk from Denmark on KickNPunch records. This opened my eyes to all the great punk/HC coming out of Denmark (No Hope for the Kids, Gorilla Angreb, Young Wasteners, Asbest, etc..). When I first heard this I wasn't sure if this was a reissue or this was a modern band... the recording on this sounds like all the great hc records from the 80s. Their 2nd 7" is also crucial.... I heard there will be a discography LP soon? I hope so.

01. De Hjernedodes Nat
02. Truffet
03. Alt Er Ved Det Samme
04. Stalinjugend
05. Skate Og Do
06. Ikk' Igen
07. Sang Nummer Syv
08. A.P.A.'s Antipolitisang

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Warhead-"Cry of truth" ep

Amazing Japanese hardcore from 1991. I think this is one of the best Japanese hardcore EPs out there... a classic! Originally self-released by the band and then later reissued by Devour.

01. Cry of Truth
02. Suicide
03. Fight With No Fear
04. You In Corruption
05. Your On Crime

Reviewed by my homie Music Of Extinction