Saturday, January 12, 2008

Loli & The Chones-"Unreleased songs" tape

From Boyle Heights Loli & The Chones.....I got these songs from El Cochino, it was early home recordings....they were really a good band and live they were fun to watch...i miss them..

01. Vatos lokos
02. Pendejos

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cara De Mil Putazos-"Lucha, brutalidad y sangre" demo

Damn here's a demo that not only kicked ass but fucked up my jaw!!!! This four track demo is abosolutely brutal!!!! The band consists of two members Nemesio El Amargado and Caxo Carnitas and they create a fucking full sound!!!! In this demo I enter the world of lucha libre, tecnicos y rudos!!! The first two tracks "Reto de el Descalabrado" and "El Punisher" are total fucking rippers, from the booming aggressive vocals, metallic shredding riffs, and precise drumming with crazed blasts!!!! Everytime I hear these songs I want to destroy everything around me!!!!
The next track "Perro Aguayo vs. Universo 2000" starts out with fierce metallic riffs and very crisp,clean drumming and once again Nemesio's raspy barked vocals attack you and don't let go!!!! With more face shredding riff action!!!
The last track "Lucha, Brutalidad, y Sangre" begins with a straight up banging riff, and the metallic headbanging onslaught doesn't end there!! Once the vocals spewed out it's all over!!! This track has really awesome tempo changes a little slower than the other three, which just adds to the ominous assault!!!! This demo sounds rough as hell which is pleasing to me. I don't know if these guys are still but I hope this demo gets repressed as a 7" one day (hint hint!)until then track this fucker down, now!!!!

01. Reto de el descalabrado
02. El punisher
03. Perro Aguayo vs. Universo 2000
04. Lucha, brutalidad y sangre

Reviewed by my homie Samuel Tomas El Tercero

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Revenant-"S/T" ep

Man i so tired.....but here's another Death Metal ep. Revenant from New Jersey....what can I say but brutal......

01. Distant eyes
02. Degeneration

Carbonized-"No canonization" ep

Carbonized from Sweden, just more Death Metal......

01. No canonization
02. Statues
03. Au-to-dafe'

Decrepit-"The wake" ep

Ohio Death Metal Decrepit, got the cd with extra tracks, but i will onle upload this ep.....

01. To rise again
02. The wake

Demise-"Furnace Of Tension" ep

From California we have hardcore....there 10 inch, I really didn't get into...and a haven't heard there 8 inch flexi

01. Shack treatment
02. Blank walls
03. Industrial death
04. Inflicted
05. Dwelling

Bestial Mockery/Force Of Darkness-split ep

Bestial Mockery-666-unpure-unholy-untight & Force Of Darkness-evil southamerican black/thrash attack

Bestial Mockery:
01. Chainsaw kill
02. Pain invocation

Force Of Darkness:
03. La Caida
04. The demon free...

Hell Riser-"S/T" ep

From Japan punk and roll Hell Riser.....this ep rocks

01. Going
02. Bad days
03. Nobody told me
04. Wastime

Napalm Death-"Mentally Murdered" ep

Napalm Death, When they were getting better.....Lee Dorians vocals are so deep, he was brutal........

01. Mentally murdered
02. Cause and effect

Venom-"S/T" ep

From Newcastle, come the founders of Black Metal......Venom!....

01. Warhead
02. Lady lust

Monday, January 7, 2008

D-Starve - "Destroy a person's dreams destroy a person's hopes" ep

Good Japanese hardcore 7" from 1992 out of Nagoya. "Limited Edition 500 Copies" according to the back of the sleeve and this was most likely released by the band since it is Destroy and Starve:03. Features Hiro (C.F.D.L.) on backing vocals....

01. Die back
02. Japanese title 1
03. Easy to break
04. Cross
05. Japanese title 2

Reviewed by my homie Music Of Extinction

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Daston-"Plow through now" ep

3 track 7" released a few years ago by Blood Sucker Records. They also had a split 7" with GOUKA. Brutal Japanese hardcore from Morioka City, Japan.

01. Mope
02. Insist...
03. Keep up on attack

Reviewed by my homie Music Of Extinction