Monday, March 3, 2008

Subcaos-"S/T" ep

From Portugal, Subcaos, I almost got rid of this ep, but lucky I keeped it....good hardcore crust

01. Conformidade ou realidade (Instrumental)
02. Veneno
03. S.I.S. (Servicos de inquisicao e subjugacao)
04. Vaticano em chamas
05. The Amerikkkan ideal
06. Deceived

Gibbed-"Eternal Life" flexi ep

Gibbed, grinding death metal from Japan.....I heard that it has members of Unholy Grave...could anybody give me some info...

01. Reminate the bloody state
02. Manufacture of nation
03. Suicide scatter
04. Brain mutilation
05. Repulse the life
06. Inevitable dread

Antitoxin-"The enemy is you" ep

Antitoxin, a good crossover band from Germany....

01. Regression
02. The enemy is you
03. Right to live
04. What are the reasons

Sven Tuba & Fiskmasarna-"Om det finns ett helvete" ep

Sven Tuba & Fiskmasarna from Finland, got this copy from one of the members of the band, when he visited Headline Records in Hollywood, hardcore with oh oh oh's and lots of good back up singing...

01. In & ut
02. Om det finns ett helvete
03. Vi ska
04. Sweet 16 igen

Amen-"Gospelcore" ep

"I don't wanna grow up! (I wanna throw up!)" Ya, I agree...but I don't wnna throw up.....Amen from Finland, If you like: Disrupt, Dissension and Extreme Noise Terror...then you might like this ep....i will upload another one from them keep an eye out for it!

01. Spiritus fortus
02. Trippi
03. Paranemia
04. Sinulle ystavani
05. Kuolemankammio
06. Uhka ilmasta
07. Tilitys

I.R.A.-"Atentado terrorista" ep

From Colombia I.R.A...hardcore sung in spanish....this is there second ep, does anybody have the first ep?

01. Atentado terrorista
02. Inflacion ($.$.$.)
03. Maldita autoridad
04. Burguesia porkeria
05. Una cita con el pre...sidente!
06. Odio la casa blanca
07. Problema mental
08. Mente politica
09. Angustia

Slapping Bikini-"Bikini thrash" ep

Got the Slapping Bikini from Japan on a trade. My friend said, that the cover looks like, What Happens Next? "Ahora mas que nunca" ep.....i don't know....bandana thrash all over again

01. NG Action
02. Hi-Socks casualty
03. God sucks
04. Generation B

Kansandemokratia-"Vainottu" ep

Another band from Finland, Kansandemokratia.....Kaaos & Riistetyt mixed know what you'll get hardcore with melodic...

01. Vainoharhainen
02. Vapauttakaa ulf sundquist
03. Tappamisen motiivi
04. Ympari ampari
05. Nakija
06. Kuolema
07. Plagiaatti
08. Bill Clinton

Civil Rights-"S/T" ep

Many good bands do come from Japan, Civil Rights are one good "Burning Spirit?" band....don't know much about them, so help me out with some info......

01. Be as still a stone
02. Beat by lives
03. Sex drugs rock 'n' roll
04. All your life will ever be

Fanous Cheezcake-"Easy answer & simple slogans" ep

Fanous Cheezcake are from the U.S.A...pre-Crucial Youth......i don't care, this ep all hard to the core....

01. Blind acceptance
02. Which side?
03. Mikey's not dead
04. For what it's worth
05. New way/Won't listen