Friday, February 8, 2008

Gouka-"Answer in oneself" ep

From Japan Gouka, deadly noise blast....have there other records and can't stop listening to them.....

01. Intro
02. Answer
03. No!
04. No title
05. Answer in oneself

Deathreat-"S/T" ep

Deathreat, what can i say...when i first heard this ep, i was blown to see them and they were chingon.....

01. Run dry
02. Styrofoam grave
03. March on
04. Tempers rise
05. What went wrong
06. Courtesy officer
07. 243905
08. We never knew

The Addiction-"Blind soldier kids" ep

Pogo Oi!.....Yup, The Addiction, i think this is there first ep and it's very catchy

01. Blind soldier kids
02. Out of order
03. Why do suffer

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Forca Macabra-flexi ep

I just love Forca Macabra, it just sucks that they are not playing L.A......only the east!...I want to see them!!!!!

01. Forca sinistra (Skarnio)
02. Periferia (Ratos De Porao)
03. Lusitania
04. Chorando

Ostrov P-"Neverte" ep

If you like Kaaos & Inferno (the later years) then you might like Ostrov P from Slovakia...lots of harmony in the guitar, man what can i say....

01. Neverte politickym stranam
02. Precol?
03. Nastroj v rukach moci
04. Nepotrebny stroj
05. Beznadej
06. Spolocensky system

Etae-"可能" ep

This is Etae from Japan first ep, it's very good..also look for there second one

01. Don't throw away "Possible", pursue a fight
02. Mind sight
03. Defy

Totuus/Hiastus-split ep

This split ep is from Finland, Totuus total hardcore and Hiastus crust....look for the other Totuus releases, if you like this one.

01. Potkut tai ponnari
02. Sankari
03. Sahkokatkos
04. Typerat runkkarit
05. Poliisilaulu
06. Nalanhata
07. 3 Maailmaan hata
08. Systeemi
09. Sodan hinta

10. Drugs off
11. Your future
12. Is this funny?
13. Suffer
14. J. loves