Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cruel Atake-demo

From Mexicali (Mexico) Cruel Atake...i've got to see them play alot, when i used to go to Mexicali...they also played a couple show here in L.A....just imagine Disrupt singing in spanish

01. Intro
02. Muerte
03. Nuestro problema
04. Tu ignorancia
05. Violencia
06. La desunion
07. No a la autoridad
08. Armas
09. Que piensas?
10. Formas de control
11. System illusion
12. Temor de la gente (Fear Of God)

Monday, January 21, 2008

The Vomits-"Reckless Cow!" flexi ep

Great flexi of really catchy punk rock from Japan on Stomping Records (Stomping Record 005). I don't know anything at all about this band except that my brother got it from a pen pal in Japan he was trading Misfits stuff with.... I think it was his band. So if I had to guess, I would say this is probably from around the mid-90s... no date listed on the record. If anyone knows where to find more stuff from the Vomits.... please share! The last track even ends with a bomb blast (which is always scores big points with me).

01. Stomp Out The R&R!
02. Diving In Love
03. This Is The Rebel Soul
04. Viva La Nuclear Party

Reviewed by my homie Music Of Extinction

K.G.G.M.-"S/T" flexi ep

Man, it took me a long time to find this flexi from Japan....K.G.G.M. has another ep, but this one is more hardcore

01. D.D.
02. Deadscene
03. Pain of silence
04. Evil deed
05. Lead a loose life
06. Terror

Gepopel-"Paracide" ep

Another great band and this one is from Holand, I got this one in high school..Gepopel is one band that i could remember from my youth.....looking for there split tape with Funeral Oration on BCT, help me out.

01. Paracide
02. In our hands
03. Dogs
04. Ze komen ook bij jou
05. Bandwagon
06. Tied to time
07. Blind faith
08. Just because

GeriLive-"Growing up" ep

I think it has ex members of Little Princess...GeriLive are from San Francisco. grindcore when it was still good.

01. Mongolian fish
02. White lover
03. Angry ass
04. Mr. Hanky on the floor
05. Poop swimming
06. Fifgt! tank
07. Misoji-man
08. Swan lake
09. Outtro

Little Princess-"Song collection" ep

Little Pricess was a all girl band that played grindcore.....they only made 200 (I'm so lucky to own this ep) They are from San Francisco, so check them out.

01. Carpet man
02. Disqualified human being
03. Red handkerchief
04. Shiny diamond
05. Dried squid with mayonnaise and soy sauce
06. Debuo more food
07. Monsieur P
08. Downstairs neighbor

Kruel Circus-"Contra los circus" ep

Crust and punk from Spain comes Kruel Circus...don't like the cover, but the music is cool..

01. Cuanto cuesta el sufrimiento?
02. Horror core
03. Animales de laboratorio
04. Regorbiura de traka (La historia nunca oida y jamas contada)
05. No pises la hierba
06. Biografia
07. Nazi muere
08. Outro

Chronic Disease-"Born to live in chains" ep

From Belgium Chronic Disease....metalcrust done good

01. Nothing but justice
02. Blood for leeches
03. Armed with truth
04. Lost dimension
05. Dare to face

Kakotopia Hencoop-"khep" ep

Kakotopia Hencoop noise from Japan.

01. Absurb
02. Understanding
03. One off
04. Be dead drunk
05. Irritation
06. Youth

Desecration-"Who's in control?" ep + flexi

This ep was originally a 12" ep, but the repress is a 7" + flexi.....Desecration are from Arizona and they play hardcore

01. Nuclear holocaust/N.I.A.
02. Who's in control?
03. Macho man
04. Neo nazi party of death
05. Desecration
(Bonus flexi)
06. Nationalist evolution
07. Who's in control?
08. Bureaucratic nonscense
09. In a child eye

Refuse-"Punk save the world???" ep

Another noise band from Japan, but Refuse are more noisier than noise....weird, it came with 3D glasses....

01. Intro/The fuck song
02. Hate authority
03. Kick the system
04. Noise never die!
05. Little star