Monday, January 21, 2008

Little Princess-"Song collection" ep

Little Pricess was a all girl band that played grindcore.....they only made 200 (I'm so lucky to own this ep) They are from San Francisco, so check them out.

01. Carpet man
02. Disqualified human being
03. Red handkerchief
04. Shiny diamond
05. Dried squid with mayonnaise and soy sauce
06. Debuo more food
07. Monsieur P
08. Downstairs neighbor


ponk-111 said...

I saw them live. Twice. Didn't buy the EP. Thanks for posting it!!

Anonymous said...

many thanks for this dude
I always wanted to check this ep

dude from brazil

Retardgrind said...

Unbelievable! Mad Props for this posting!!!