Monday, January 21, 2008

The Vomits-"Reckless Cow!" flexi ep

Great flexi of really catchy punk rock from Japan on Stomping Records (Stomping Record 005). I don't know anything at all about this band except that my brother got it from a pen pal in Japan he was trading Misfits stuff with.... I think it was his band. So if I had to guess, I would say this is probably from around the mid-90s... no date listed on the record. If anyone knows where to find more stuff from the Vomits.... please share! The last track even ends with a bomb blast (which is always scores big points with me).

01. Stomp Out The R&R!
02. Diving In Love
03. This Is The Rebel Soul
04. Viva La Nuclear Party

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Curious Guy said...

This is the 2nd flexi of The Vomits. First one is 'Death On The Beach' (Stomping OO1). As far as I know these were released in 1987-88.

Anonymous said...

yeah, these guys were from Sendai City (north of Tokyo about 200 miles) and they also have that other flexi; both were released late-1980's