Saturday, November 24, 2007

Acabo El Silencio-"...Y de tierra sale trigo" ep

Acabo De Silencio from finland..hard core with a twist of crust in it sung in spanish, i've read that the singer is desended from peru.....I"m looking for there demo cd that came out in 2000 called "Mictecaciuarl", help me find that cd..

01. Palabra politica
02. La union Europea
03. Guerra militar
04. Lo mejor religion
05. Se acabo el silencio
06. Dictadores
07. Nunca puedes ser seguro

GIL-"S/T" flexi ep

Another good band from Japan GIL, here's the flexi.....i like this one better than "to us conflict is not important" ep..more raw and hard core

01. Jado
02. O.P.C.I. go
03. Lost generation
04. Kanashibali
05. 7th in the night

Gruesome-"Throw light on" ep

Oi! Oi! Oi! fom Japan, Gruesome is one powerful oi! band that i ever heard. back up vocals and music..brutal

01. Throw light on
02. Tightly wound
03. Armour and greed
04. No warrant
05. That's I'm wrong
06. Cross arise

Acid Rotten But O.K.-"S/T" ep

Acid Rotten But O.K., it came out in 1990. i picked this one when i was in Texas. Good hard core from Poland.....enjoy

01. Quiz
02. Acid rotten but ok
03. Suffered from aids
04. Kaziu
05. Outro

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Disper-Azione-"Sempre immutata fede" ep

From Italia Disper-Azione first ep "Sempre immutata fede" it came out in '84.....this ep reminds me of M.E.L.I. from Mexico...enjoy

01. Antagonismo
02. Lager
03. Solo sague
04. Combatti
05. Anime morte
06. La mia vita
07. Pensaci bene

Maggot Sandwich-"Dead to my world" ep

Maggot Sandwich (from Florida) was my first record i bought in the mid 80' came out in 1985 on kml records and only 500 hundred copies were pressed. It never got repressed...enjoy

01. Dead to my world
02. You're a bum
03. Gut bomb
04. Abortionb debate
05. Communism
06. Everything I touch

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Kontraattaque-"Detras de un sueño" demo

Here's the Kontraattaque-"Detras de un sueño" demo. Enjoy.

01. Intro/obreros massacrados
02. Desaparecidos
03. Rabia
04. Gobernador nazi
05. Detras de un sueño
06. Richard Gere
07. Estoy harto/-P.D.