Saturday, February 23, 2008

Headache and high blood pressure

Just uploaded new stuff for you to enjoy, with the help of my homie Music Of Extinction....lately, i have been getting headache and also i have high blood pressure...must eat right and keep away from the junk, i'll be uploading more stuff, cause i've recorded new goodies, just have to fix them and scan the covers...once again thanks to everybody, for enjoying my blog and leaving must be heard, not copyrighted.....nemesio el amargado

p.s. leave some comments and let me know if i've uploaded the wrong songs to the band.....the brain death is fixed.....

v/a-"Shizouka City Hard Core" flexi ep

Another regional flexi by MCR (MCR-042) with a good mix of bands. Not sure if the guy who drew the cover has a hard time drawing fingers or the old lady robber is holding eggs... Everything from traditional japanese hardcore to straight up thrashy stuff on this one. When has a flexi with Japanese bands ever sucked?

01. ネコ
02. Your Life Is

03. How To Live
04. Like A Beast For Myself

05. Esper
06. Asonk

07. Out Cast
08. 1/5 Oz

Reviewed by my homie Music Of Extinction

Zone-"Win Back To Sanity" ep

Raging Japanese hardcore from 1994. Pretty straightforward ... just a vicious punch to the face. They also have another full 7" entitled "First Blow is Half the Battle" and and LP with some kind of futuristic tattooed dinosaur on the cover (?). Plus I'm sure they are on a whole bunch of comps. I will never see/own.

01. Find Out
02. Sonnamonka
03. Short Hope
04. Win Back To Sanity

Reviewed by my homie Music Of Extinction

Persevere-"Panic Land" lp

First vinyl release by PERSEVERE (I think...) on Insane World Records. This was released sometime in 2003 and is really good Finnish-type punk from Japan. I'm not sure if that's what they were going for since they don't have Finnish song titles like their contemporaries LAUKAUS and POIKKEUS but they have that out-of-control/bass guitar can barely keep up with the rest of the band sound that makes me think of Finnish punk. They also have at least two full 7"s that are also worth checking out.

01.Panic Land
02. Silent Political Organization
03. Propaganda
04. No War
05. Irrationality
06. Future Possible
07. Law And Order
08. Destruction

Reviewed by my homie Music Of Extinction

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Nailed Down-"Violent distortion" 3" cd

Infest+Crossed Out+No Comment+Negative FX+D.R.I.+Despise You=Nailed hardcore tight as O.J.'s glove...this is the only good release that they ever did

01. Fool
02. Dust to dust
03. Time dead
04. Contamination
05. Blade of heart
06. Futile
07. Pain
08. Self
09. Who the helpless (Kuro)
10. Cheap
11. Nothing matters
12. Sarin attack
13. Drown
14. Negative FX (Negative FX)
15. Fear
16. Gunned down
17. I'm no saviour
18. Buried alive
19. Broken glass
20. Knuckle sandwich
21. Tunnel vision
22. Grieve
23. Goodbyes
24. Disinfect
25. Anxiety bound
26. Disaster (Confuse)