Saturday, February 23, 2008

v/a-"Shizouka City Hard Core" flexi ep

Another regional flexi by MCR (MCR-042) with a good mix of bands. Not sure if the guy who drew the cover has a hard time drawing fingers or the old lady robber is holding eggs... Everything from traditional japanese hardcore to straight up thrashy stuff on this one. When has a flexi with Japanese bands ever sucked?

01. ネコ
02. Your Life Is

03. How To Live
04. Like A Beast For Myself

05. Esper
06. Asonk

07. Out Cast
08. 1/5 Oz

Reviewed by my homie Music Of Extinction


Anonymous said...

I got Reason 4 homie...full want? Ya gotta take yer dentures out for the blowjob though holmes. ;)

Cthu rehearsed...4 new songs and a blastbeat version of Thrash Hero...all in 5 minutes...long way to go to make it a full LP!

Papst Benedikt XVI said...

thanks for this one! RUSTLER fucking kill! if you got more RUSTLER besides this split 7" with SWINDLE BITCH ( could you please upload it?