Friday, January 4, 2008

Forca Macabra/Ulster-split cd

Forca Macabra from Finland and Ulster from Brazil....thrash and hardcore..bothe band are just brutal

Forca Macabra:
02. Malicioous death
03. Vida morta

04. Arturo bandini
05. Matar
06. Conquest (Disclose cover)
07. SP R$1 , 76
08. Leopes

D.R.Y./Flash Gordon-split cd

D.R.Y. & Flash Gordon are both from Japan....Bandana thrash when it went out of control....

01. Now
02. One world
03. D.R.Y.
04. Out of my life
05. Dead gamby
06. Pit and mosh

Flash Gordon:
07. Eat the rich
08. N.F.
09. Long tall nose
10. Did dag song
11. Butter maker
12. Rat patrol

Masskontroll/Battle Of Disarm-split 8 inch flexi

This is a very good 8 inch flexi, with Masskontroll U.S.A. and Battle Of Disarm crust

01. Monument
02. Blight
03. Oblivion

Battle Of Disarm:
04. Anti vivisection
05. Armed revolution
06. Nitad
07. Rusting ar ett brott
08. Cost of nature
09. Human disaster

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Death Sentence-"Thanks for the support" ep

From Australia Death Sentence, first time i've heard of them, was the split ep with Cthuwulf...this one of for Sean...

01. Death sentence
02. Air that we breathe
03. Moral majority
04. Benelovent intervention
05. Balance of the nation
06. Cease to exist
07. Christian fanatics

Psycho-"6 Song e.p.-Song of 8 song e.p." ep

Psycho U.S.A. hardcore, came out in '85. Good stuff here, also look for the lp "Hosebags"

01. P.M.A.
02. Screw the pooch
03. I can't stand you
04. Salvation
05. How much longer

No Security-"S/T" ep

Sweden had lots of good hardcore bands and No Security is one of them.....also check out there split lp with Doom...

01. Hycklarfolket
02. Yttrande Frihet
03. 40-Talisterna
04. Falsk protest

Zolge-"Over alive" flexi ep

A one sided flexi ep from Zolge from Japan, 2 live songs recorded in '84, the recording is rough, but ok.

01. Peak alive
02. (Never be off your) Guard

Monday, December 31, 2007

Guillotine Terror-"No god" ep

I like Guillotine Terror from Japan...can't get enough of them..good deathcrust...they have 5 full length cd's, look for them:
Black Rebel Storm ('93)
Japanese Corruption ('94)
Battle Zone ('02)
義ノ狼 ('04)
Kronos ('07)

01. Break the face moral
02. No god
03. Guillotine terror
04. Real Assailant
05. Final warning

Absu-"The temples of offal" ep

Absu total Black Metal from theTexas....I haven't heard anything else but this the other stuff brutal as this?

01. Immortal sorcery
02. Sumerian sands (The silence)
03. Disembodied

Pactum-"Antichristian front of freedom" ep

From Mexico Pactum, I've heard lots of good stuff about them, good ep...i've heard a cd of is Black Metal, antichristian

01.Vaginal damage
02. Dead childrens
03. Execution on jehova
04. Antichristian front of freedom

Sabbat-"蛤秘宝館" ep

Got this from my homie Richard, only 300 made, Sabbat from Japan...I like the ep, but only if it had the song "Snow woman"...


Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bored To Death-"S/T" ep

A femal fronted punk band from Phoenix...Bored To Death...this is one good band, they have one more song, on the v/a-"Play At Your Own Risk Vol. 1" ep...

01. Hate you more
02. Labor love
03. I wanna leave
04. Addict song
05. My own plan

Screaming Holocaust-"War?" ep

Screaming Holocaust, Crust band from Ipswish U.K., they have another ep called "Cancer" does anybody have it?

01. Recession
02. Unwritten law
03. War
04. Slave to religion
05. Cancer