Friday, December 5, 2008

S.A.F.-"Enterrar Y Callar " 10"

From Neatherland comes a very good thrash band S.A.F. (Skulls And Flames). If you put D.R.I., Attitude Adjustment, Corrupted Morals and many other early thrash band together, you'll get S.A.F...the riffs bring back memories and the vocal....WOW!

01. Death Angel
02. Shoot To Kill
04. W.W.W. (World Wide Wankers)
05. Thrash And Slam For The Revolution
06. No Mercy
07. D.R.I.
08. Zum Kotsen
09. Thrash Attack
10. The Accused
11. Garage Thrash, Slovakia Rules
12. War And Pain
13. We Had A Blast
14. deel II
15. Our Deepest Appreciation