Saturday, April 26, 2008

Viimeinen Kolonna-"Onnellisuus ahoistaa" ep

Viimeinen Kolonna from Finland....if you like Totuus or Uutuus, then you'll like this one....

01. Turvattu
02. Tarkoitus Pyhittaa Keinot
03. Ihmisen Haju
04. Tulessa Puhdistettu
05. Pahantekija
06. Onnellisuus Ahdistaa
07. Vahinkoelain
08. Viides Ratsumies
09. Matalaotsat
10. Peto

Kyklooppien Sukupuutto-"Helvetin elementit" ep

Kyklooppien Sukupuutto from Finland...hard core in the vein of Kaaos

01. Helvetin Elementit
02. Pelon Liiketoimintaa
03. Kyklooppien Sukupuutto
04. Sivustakatselija
05. Alyn Jattilaiset

Youth Anthem-"Standing point" ep

Oi! band from Japan....Youth Anthem....enjoy!

01. Skinheads on the street tonight
02. Boundless war
03. Out of cotrol

Dog Soldier-"Flies" ep

Another good band from Portland, Dog Soldier...the first song is very brutal....gonna pickup the lp soon

01. Flies
02. Brain Destruction
03. Too Many Kings

Cut Throat-"At the seams" ep

Cut Throat from Portland, it's's the one sided lp?

01. At the seams
02. Bring to nothing
03. Unconvinced

v/a-"Attack" ep

Here is a good compilation from Japan....

Deadless Muss:
01. Atomic Bomb
02. Power Of Youth

So What:
03. The Final Cry
04. Sick Number

05. Cock Sucker
06. Last Night

Fuck Geez:
07. Shimensoka

Friday, April 25, 2008

Dead Ups-"No rules" ep

Dead Ups from Japan, are a noise punk band with female vocals....

01. Don't Look Down On Me
02. Stand To My Guns
03. Rise To Hell
04. In Desperation
05. Knock Your Head Against The Wall
06. Spoiler

Asbest-"Man ka' dø af det" demo

Got this demo from my homie Samuel Tomas El Tercero, Asbest from Denmark...this is one good demo '01....raw hard core, does anybody know about other releases?

01. Spil Død
02. 6 Timer
03. Slagkraft
04. Dødskontrol
05. Blæst
06. Lyset Er Grønt Gaden Er Rød
07. Endløs Meningsløs
08. Ansigt Til Salg
09. Fjarnsyn For Dig
10. Kloden Drejer Stille Af
11. Vejen Er Lagt