Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Vault-"Fuck Off And Die!!!" demo

Malaysia Thrash metal....the title describes everything...fuck off and die!!! brutal is that?

01. Fuck Off And Die!!!
02. Onslaught Of Death
03. Heavy Metal Attack
04. Metal Of Death
05. Vengeance

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Crucifixion Wound-"Profanation Of The Crucified" demo

Another brutal demo...Germany it brings you Crucifixion Wound....aaaaarrrrrrrgggggg total destruction of evil!

01. Blasphemed in Impurity
02. Death Command
03. F.T.C.J.
04. Ritual of Darkness (NunSlaughter)

Zygoatsis-"Warhymns" demo

Thailand Black Metal Zygoatsis, the first thing i"ve heard from them is the "Siamese Warmageddon" ep, it blew me away...hope to see more realeses from them soon...

01. Warhymn
02. Inverted The Crucifix
03. Blasphemic Warfare
04. Zygoatical Epidemic Assassination