Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Straw Dogs-"Alright Boy" ep

Straw Dogs is a Britain Oi! band...i will upload the 2nd ep later

01. Alright Boy
02. Hope And Glory

Brassknuckles-"Media" ep

From Germany Brassknuckles, a very good Oi! band...what sucks, is that it's the only record I could find from them.

01. Brassknuckles
02. Another Life
03. Media
04. Der Schander

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sugar-"Live Now, Paylater" cd

Another good band from Japan Sugar...this band rips, i will like to hear more from them......

01. Shotgun
02. Bloody Vengeance
03. No Fade
04. Rebel
05. 風

S.D.S.-"Ameber" cd

I really like this cd from S.D.S. from Japan alot, good metal riffs and the experimental effects are brutal!

01. Ameber
02. Cyber God
03. Brain Invader
04. The Grinder

GIL-"Hard Core" cd

Just like what the cd says Hard Core, with some metal in's good, but i still love the first GIL flexi ep....

01. 不動明王信言
02. Hard Core
03. 鼓動を燃やせ
04. 汚世
05. Go Mad With GIL

Exterminate-"理想と現実" cd

Ok, I'm back and ready to upload more music, so to start it's Exterminate from Japan...raw hard core, with some good back up vocals....

01. Wasted Chain
02. Take Back
03. 理想と現実
04. 何ヲ…?
05. Outside Emotion