Monday, December 31, 2007

Guillotine Terror-"No god" ep

I like Guillotine Terror from Japan...can't get enough of them..good deathcrust...they have 5 full length cd's, look for them:
Black Rebel Storm ('93)
Japanese Corruption ('94)
Battle Zone ('02)
義ノ狼 ('04)
Kronos ('07)

01. Break the face moral
02. No god
03. Guillotine terror
04. Real Assailant
05. Final warning

Absu-"The temples of offal" ep

Absu total Black Metal from theTexas....I haven't heard anything else but this the other stuff brutal as this?

01. Immortal sorcery
02. Sumerian sands (The silence)
03. Disembodied

Pactum-"Antichristian front of freedom" ep

From Mexico Pactum, I've heard lots of good stuff about them, good ep...i've heard a cd of is Black Metal, antichristian

01.Vaginal damage
02. Dead childrens
03. Execution on jehova
04. Antichristian front of freedom

Sabbat-"蛤秘宝館" ep

Got this from my homie Richard, only 300 made, Sabbat from Japan...I like the ep, but only if it had the song "Snow woman"...


Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bored To Death-"S/T" ep

A femal fronted punk band from Phoenix...Bored To Death...this is one good band, they have one more song, on the v/a-"Play At Your Own Risk Vol. 1" ep...

01. Hate you more
02. Labor love
03. I wanna leave
04. Addict song
05. My own plan

Screaming Holocaust-"War?" ep

Screaming Holocaust, Crust band from Ipswish U.K., they have another ep called "Cancer" does anybody have it?

01. Recession
02. Unwritten law
03. War
04. Slave to religion
05. Cancer

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sickness-"Beyond tomorrow" demo

Another demo from L.A....Sickness reminds me of Sodom...I'm glad that i still have this demo.

1. Intro/Darkside
2. Empty coffin
3. Almas negras
4. Ganggrene
5. Sickness
6. Beyond tomorrow

Necrobiosis/Intense Agonizing-split ep

Necrobiosis from Finland and Intense Agonizing from Hungary....both bands play death metal.

1. A painful end for curiosity
2. The prisoner of insanity
3. My morbid mind
4. Ending

Intense Agonizing:
5. Opened world
6. Psychological research
7. Soul locked in flesh

Damnation-"Divine darkness" ep

Damnation, Occult Swedish Black Metal.....just listen to the music and don't go burning churches.

1. Eternal black
2. The dark devine
3. The mistress/Queen of sin
4. The return of darkness and evil (Bathory cover)

Geronimo-"...A couple of words for you" demo

Geronimo from Denmark, this demo came out in '89, the cover is weird....but the music is brutal hardcore.

1. Sick of it all
2. Can't understand
3. Lies
4. Regressive minds
5. There was a family
6. Michael Frankenstein
7. Talking to a concrete wall
8. Idiots
9. Brian's story
10. 9 to 5 religion
11. Injurious death
12. Paranoia trap/Band song
13. ...And everything crumbled
14. Sunday prison fun
15. Weed
16. Penpushing hell
17. Nazi punks fuck off
18. Hellhole politics
19. Lights out

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Violate-"Prelude to obliteration" demo

Got this demo from my friend Robert from Texas...I think Violate is from Mexico...deathmetal muy violento....

1. Carbon Consecration
2. Razor raping ravage

Necrophagia-"It began with a twisted dream..." demo

All these new speed metal bands, should listen to this demo from '87...Necrophagia another good L.A. band

1. Bone cancer
2. Burning galleries
3. Deny the cross

Maniacal Genocide-"Too late for apologies..." demo

Another old demo from '88, Maniacal Genocide from L.A., good crossover....

1. My mom & milkman
2. Maniacal genocide
3. Answer me
4. So trendy
5. Wipeout

Lepra-"S/T" demo

Lepra grindcore/deathmetal from L.A., this demo came out in ' to see them play some show, so brutal live...

1. Hijos de satanas
2. Pinches hipocritas
3. Lepra
4. Pactos diabolicos
5. Muerte sangrienta
6. Te saco la mierda
7. Cuerpos desechos
8. Las putas del infierno
9. Por la señal
10. Leprosos satanicos
11. Dios de la obscuridad
12. A chingar a tu madre

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dennis' Problem-"S/T" demo

Dennis' Problem is from the U.S.A., (don't know what state)....I got this demo in the mid '80's, the recording is a bit damage (that's the way i got it)....they play hardcore and very good......if anybody has any info of this band, please let me know...

1. Thrashead
2. Live for yourself
3. Guttermouth
4. Hey you!
5. Full of shit
6. Millions
7. Dennis' problem
8. Spit it out
9. Worlds' worst fuss
10. Try
11. Dog shit
12. Turns we take
13. Fuck no!

Hog-"S/T" demo

Hog from mexico, members of What If God Lie use to play in this band....this demo is so brutalidad de mexicore....

1. Preso
2. S.P.G.T.V.
3. Llenando bolsillos
4. Tu crees decir la verdad
5. Perdiendo el control
6. Acumulando odio
7. Los cerdos sonrien

Gate-"This is grind" demo

Gate grindcore from Japan....this is for Jorge

1. My anger to whom?
2. Scars remember
3. Torso
4. Humiliation

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Fuerza X-"California tour '01" demo

Fuerza X first straight edge band from Guatemala to play in the U.S.A....Entra Al Pit...

01. Muerte no justificada
02. Forma de pensar
03. Ciencia enferma
04. No es cierto
05. Guatemala pais de la eterna
06. Pruebas su sentidos
07. Carne es muerte
08. Entra al pit!
09. Hazlo tu mismo
10. Hardcore for life

Monday, December 10, 2007

Anulaciom-"Presos politicos" demo 3" cdr

Anulacion from Mexico...I got this 3" cdr from my homie manuel from coaccion...if you like dropdead, disrupt and all crust of violence bands..give them a try..

01. Prepotencia nuclear
02. Destruccion
03. Carnada militar
04. 20/03/05
05. Campesinos
06. Onomatopeya
07. U.S.A.
08. La chora
09. Cerdo nacional
10. Muerte a pinochet
11. Presos politicos
12. Desarraigue
13. Moda
14. Tras barniz
15. Insalubridad social
16. La Rata
17. Pura basura
18. Alkohol

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Restos De Tragedia-"Ser y no ser" ep

From Colombia Restos De Tragedia.....crust watcha waiting for!

01. Intro: Restos de tragedia
02. Antagonismo social
03. Careria animal
04. Sucia realidad
05. Aun no es tiempo
06. Recurrencia
07. S.M.O. (Servicio militar obligatorro
08. Ser y no ser
09. Vidas engañadas

Confuse-"Contempt for the authority and take off the lie" ep

This is for Sean, Sam, Jessy And Me....Confuse as fuck.....Japan noise rifa!

01. Fight against the plutocrats
02. All things change into the fasion-media-
03. Fuchin' lovers
04. Abuse of the state power

Chicano Christ-"S/T" ep

Chicano Christ, what a name for a band.....with Ron Martinez (ex Final Conflict) on vocals. it sucks that they only did this ep....come caca

01. Come' caca
02. Chanklas y chades
03. Where you from eh?
04. Dirty choneez
05. Brujeria goes to hell
06. Pethos
07. Jesus was a vato
08. Chit!
09. Fajitas
10. I hate menudo
11. Veteranos
12. Outro

Brain Death-"Personal affair" ep

Brain Death from Japan, with a female lead singer....nothing but hardcore! (Re-Uploaded)

01. Funny dancing
02. Get back
03. Whistle
04. Convert city
05. Sacrafice
06. Queer in the head
07. Personal affair
08. Narcissust

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Tuomio-"Elinkautinen" ep

Tuomio from Finland, hardcore like the rest.

01. Tuska
02. Vanki
03. Taivas ja helvetti
04. Vargo
05. Huomisen Marttyyri
06. Amnesia
07. Paraati

Ideny-"S/T" ep

Another ep from Italy, Ideny melody and hardcore...

01. Anonime persone
02. Lucidita follia
03. Non per me
04. Visioni
05. Hardcore noise

Ataque Frontal-"S/T" ep

Ataque Frontal from Peru, hardcore with a raw sound.

01. No habra paz
02. Sociedad en decadencia
03. Asco
04. Sobrevivire
05. Ya no formo parte de esto
06. Memorias

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chronic Atrocity-"Kingdom of the damned" demo

East L.A. brings you Chronic Atrocity, this demo came out in 1991...saw them play some show in late 80's, they alway played a good show, it's hard for me to talk about the music that i like....but this demo rules...con puños muy alto!.....this page is for Gogie (R.I.P)..yyyyyaaaaaaaaoooooo

01. Kingdom of the damned
02. The alchemist
03. Three wise men
04. Greed the pusher

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Rasix/Sociedad Violenta-split ep

Two good Colombian bands Rasix & Sociedad Violenta...Raw ass punk.

01. No mas que nos opriman
02. Plasticas

Sociedad Violenta:
03. Violencia y destruccion
04. Frutos podridos

Shampain_"Siempre lo mismo" ep

Shampain from Puerto Rico, love this ep...straight out hard core....looking for there demo, hook me up with it.

01. Un buen ejemplo
02. La radio esta muerta
03. No mas
04. Maldito estafador
05. Siempre lo mismo
06. Bocon
07. Cada vez menos

Inferno-"S/T" ep

From Germany Inferno, hard core with melody in it.

01. Sohn gottes
02. Zukunftsvisioner
03. Ungewissheit

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Acabo El Silencio-"...Y de tierra sale trigo" ep

Acabo De Silencio from finland..hard core with a twist of crust in it sung in spanish, i've read that the singer is desended from peru.....I"m looking for there demo cd that came out in 2000 called "Mictecaciuarl", help me find that cd..

01. Palabra politica
02. La union Europea
03. Guerra militar
04. Lo mejor religion
05. Se acabo el silencio
06. Dictadores
07. Nunca puedes ser seguro

GIL-"S/T" flexi ep

Another good band from Japan GIL, here's the flexi.....i like this one better than "to us conflict is not important" ep..more raw and hard core

01. Jado
02. O.P.C.I. go
03. Lost generation
04. Kanashibali
05. 7th in the night

Gruesome-"Throw light on" ep

Oi! Oi! Oi! fom Japan, Gruesome is one powerful oi! band that i ever heard. back up vocals and music..brutal

01. Throw light on
02. Tightly wound
03. Armour and greed
04. No warrant
05. That's I'm wrong
06. Cross arise

Acid Rotten But O.K.-"S/T" ep

Acid Rotten But O.K., it came out in 1990. i picked this one when i was in Texas. Good hard core from Poland.....enjoy

01. Quiz
02. Acid rotten but ok
03. Suffered from aids
04. Kaziu
05. Outro

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Disper-Azione-"Sempre immutata fede" ep

From Italia Disper-Azione first ep "Sempre immutata fede" it came out in '84.....this ep reminds me of M.E.L.I. from Mexico...enjoy

01. Antagonismo
02. Lager
03. Solo sague
04. Combatti
05. Anime morte
06. La mia vita
07. Pensaci bene

Maggot Sandwich-"Dead to my world" ep

Maggot Sandwich (from Florida) was my first record i bought in the mid 80' came out in 1985 on kml records and only 500 hundred copies were pressed. It never got repressed...enjoy

01. Dead to my world
02. You're a bum
03. Gut bomb
04. Abortionb debate
05. Communism
06. Everything I touch

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Kontraattaque-"Detras de un sueño" demo

Here's the Kontraattaque-"Detras de un sueño" demo. Enjoy.

01. Intro/obreros massacrados
02. Desaparecidos
03. Rabia
04. Gobernador nazi
05. Detras de un sueño
06. Richard Gere
07. Estoy harto/-P.D.