Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dennis' Problem-"S/T" demo

Dennis' Problem is from the U.S.A., (don't know what state)....I got this demo in the mid '80's, the recording is a bit damage (that's the way i got it)....they play hardcore and very good......if anybody has any info of this band, please let me know...

1. Thrashead
2. Live for yourself
3. Guttermouth
4. Hey you!
5. Full of shit
6. Millions
7. Dennis' problem
8. Spit it out
9. Worlds' worst fuss
10. Try
11. Dog shit
12. Turns we take
13. Fuck no!


Anonymous said...

HAHA, the FIRST SONG's title yo!

WTF??? Nobody comments on this blog???????????????????????????????????????????????????

Anonymous said...

they are from Richmond Virginia

Anonymous said...

they are from richmond virginia.
Fred lapier is in the band-he's on facebook.