Saturday, February 2, 2008

Kontraattaque live @ Chicago Fest II

This video was recorded by Hiro:

v/a-"World H.C. comp" cd

Some of these bands on the comp are good.....but Battle Of disarm song is the best..could you say Metal riff!

01. Mirror, mirror

02. Where there is no imagination, there is no horror

Last Call:
03. The seed

04. East of sanity

05. Repeat the cliche

06. Against violence

07. Petite

Rat Patrol:
08. TVC

09. Si J'etais libre

Battle Of Disarm:
10. Cost of nature

Slashing Death:
11. SK-08 song

Mexican Power Authority:
12. Konnichi wah/Hesherhenge/Nocturne/Frantic gesticulation/Hyperspace

Down & Out:
13. Neighbours

Couch Potatoes:
14. Another

Older Than Dirt:
15. Different

16. Free

17. Lucifers in 13th Friday night

Pink Flamingo:
18. Alter
19. Afrika

Senseless Apocalypse:
20. 12 songs

Discordance Axis:
21. Empire/The kill

Malicious Hate:
22. Devouring the world

23. Combative instinct

24 Ideas:
24. Lie

25. Force the farce

Terrible Headache-"S/T" cd

Terrible Headache is one good Japanese Hardcore band...they've have gotten better than the other releaeses.

01. Run faster
02. Hiding myself
03. My dream
04. Ridiculous Honesty
05. Insanity
06. From now on
07. Listen to me
08. Money
09. Decade of...

v/a-"Yokohama punk thrash" cd

A short comp with Realshit (they were brutal when they played L.A.), Rawride & Robo Africa all three from Japan.they should've packed more songs......

01. Myourenji-bokujinken
02. Wataru

03. Sakusou
04. Shiokase

Robo Africa:
05. TV is boredom
06. My control

Reconstruct/Atret-split cd

This cd is a split with Reconstruct & Atret from Malaysia....both bands play crust and Atret has male/female vocals..brutal

01. Kosovo nightmare
02. Demilitarized
03. Dissolution
04. Government fearing us
05. Human crimes
06. Hypocrite
07. Money isn't our god

08. Zero point
09. Rage the lies
10. A fight and life
11. Human
12. Fightback
13. Abolish the state
14. Shut the fuck
15. Your life
16. Exloitation
17. Berontak
18. Survive
19. What's for
20. Destroy

v/a-"Show your true colors" cd

Check out this comp, yup another one from Japan.....Urgexx, Acme & Terrible, had this put away and finally it sees the light...

01. 利己主義者
02. 貴様 何様
03. 井底の蛙

04. Over the all
05. 現実

Terrible Headache:
06. Grapple
07. Bold
08. Wriggle in the dark
09. Monkey

v/a-"What good bayside core?" cd

What a good comp. from Japan...Fishy, Criticism Armament and Chaos Of Brutality...once you hear Fishy, you'll want more...i do!

01. Intro/Death alley
02. Color of love
03. 10 years & happens
04. Hostess bastard!!
05. No idea

Criticism Armament:
06. 教祖
07. 終止符
08. 闘争
09. 行ク果テ

Chaos Of Brutality:
10. Human ego
11. Rewind a pain
12. Explanation
13. Insult
14. Distress
15. Contempt
16. Profit
17. Restriction

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thanks to everybody

Hello everybody, just wanna say thanks to everybody + the bands who left comments. Everything I've uploaded is from my personal collection. It takes me some hours to record, fix, convert, scan and if you wanna put some of the music I uploaded on your blog, please give credit.....I will only put up out of print records/cd's, limited edition records/cd's and demos tapes/cdr' if your band is in this blog and you want me to remove it, just let me know and i will remove it...I'm gonna take a small break and will upload some new stuff in Febuary (or if Music Of Extinction send me some stuff)...see you soon....Nemesio El Amargado

P.S. Please leave comments

紅蓮十-"ガンジガラメ" ep

An all female band from Japan 紅蓮十 (Gurento), this is one very very very good ep...does anybody know if they have anything else?

01. サルマネコジキ
02. 虜