Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thanks to everybody

Hello everybody, just wanna say thanks to everybody + the bands who left comments. Everything I've uploaded is from my personal collection. It takes me some hours to record, fix, convert, scan and if you wanna put some of the music I uploaded on your blog, please give credit.....I will only put up out of print records/cd's, limited edition records/cd's and demos tapes/cdr' if your band is in this blog and you want me to remove it, just let me know and i will remove it...I'm gonna take a small break and will upload some new stuff in Febuary (or if Music Of Extinction send me some stuff)...see you soon....Nemesio El Amargado

P.S. Please leave comments


Anonymous said...

This blog is the best!!
Thanks for Kontraattaque,HOG and Life's Halt.

Please post all Life's Halt records.

Excuse me my english.

Slobodan Burgher said...

Agreed! Great blog keep it up and keep me supplied with cool shit!


Nemesio El Amargado said...

hola ricardo, voy a mirar lo que puedo hacer por life's halt, casi no tengo mucho de ellos.....solo tengo el demo (tape/ep) y un split lp con what happens next?.....gracias...

Anonymous said...

jaja yo pense por los post que no hablabas español.
Yo soy de argentina.

Con que subas el split de Life's Halt/WHN? estaria mas que contento.

Me gusto mucho haber encontrado este blog.Un abrazo.

Crash The Pose said...

hang in there dude, this blog is feeding me with cool stuff I don't wanna live without! See you in feb! ;)

Zach said...

This is a great blog for sure. You've posted some stuff I've been after for a while (like the Fight Back vol 1 CD). Thanks! Please keep up the great work.

Nish said...

Excellent Blog!
Very cool stuff,sorry I haven't seen earlier.
Lots of memories here.
Hey thanks for adding my link.
I've added you as well!

Anonymous said...

GIBBED MOTHA FUCKA!!! do you know what ever happened to beyond the gates of doom lp?

Anonymous said...

yea man, please upload that GIBBED 7"!!!!

your blog is amazing


Anonymous said...

man thanx for enlightenin me on sum sick jap comps n shit.. its hard to find legit ass ones and i felt like ive stumbled into sum treasury