Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ultimo Rausea-3" cd

From Japan Ultimo Rausea, this 3" cd came in a zine called "This Is Kanazawa, Not Tokyo Vol.1" Hard Core with a little mix of Grind...

01. Mountain
02. From River To Sea
03. Jericho 52!


Mahogany/Coaccion-split 3" cd

A split live 3" cd from Mahogany from Brazil and Coaccion from Tijuana Mexico, both bands are play very good early crust...

01. Iguais, Mas Diferentes
02. Solidariedade Ou Fanatismo?
03. Vidas Impostas
04. Estupro Audio-Visual
05. Marketing Politico As Custas Do Povo

06. Intro
07. Homofobia
08. Transformandoloenpublicidad
09. Temor
10. Abuso
11. Complejo


Bathtub Shitter-"Early Yeah(S)

Grind Core Shitters from Japan, the Bathtub Shitter...very good, little like Unholy Grave style

01. Shit Fly
02. Life Is One Link
03. Bathtub Shitter
04. Asu
05. Brown Love
06. Shit And Peace
07. I Cha Ko, No Cho Co!
08. One Fun
09. Tower
10. Hip Is The Main
11. Simple Bowels
12. Watch Your Step
13. Holy Song For You
14. Brown Bomb In 99
15. All Pants Know
16. Hot Shit Hits
17. Everybody Has The Wet
18. Choice Is Cha

A Anonymous said:
"bathtub SHITer have people hired just to take down links to download their shitty records if you want to listen to their crap, you have to pay big bucks"

I will not re-upload this records or any other records from the bathtub shitters...Up with the Punks!...Fuck The Punks!