Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Incontrollados-"Hvem Vil Det Gavne?" ep

Excellent hardcore punk on the Kick'N'Punch label (R.I.P.!!!) from 2001 (not sure but that's the recording date at least). This is more along the lines of AMDI PETERSENS ARME meaning that it's straightforward U.S. style hardcore as opposed to the more "punky" stuff coming out of Denmark at the same time.... this is just as good in my opinion as APA but for some reason no one ever talks about this EP. Maybe no one likes the cover since it looks like that REPLACEMENTS album (I like them though...)? Anyways, check out the boss guitar sound and FYI "Det er OK at vaere grim" translates to "It's OK to be ugly". Close your eyes and imagine it is 1981......

01. Hvem vil det gavne?
02. Til salg
03. Det er OK at vaere grim
04. Ingen representant
05. Hvor var du?
06. Hej med dig
07. Macho kindergarten
08. Tyveri

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HjerteStop-"Aarh, fuck... Der Er Hjertestop!" ep

Another classic on Kick'N'Punch records. This is a perfect mix of the APA style retro hardcore tuneage plus some of those melodies/hooks from the other KNP/HJERNESPIND bands. I like how the band photo is superimposed to make them look like they are rocking out in front of some blown out building complete with coffins/skeletons. Also a nice back cover photo of a bare-assed punk wearing a leather jacket featuring... a bare-assed punk wearing a leather jacket! Best song title: 1-800-SUICIDE-CLUB.... please make sure to call that number if you like to listen to crap like GOOD CHARLOTTE.

01. Vi Er Overalt
02. Pis Mig I Munden
03. Spogelser
04. Ind I Lejren
05. Vold Vold Vold
06. 1-800-SUICIDE-CLUB

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Born Dead Icons -"Modern Plague" ep

4 Track EP from 2001 (shit... has it been that long?) from these Canadians. 1st EP and LP from this band are so-so (still have their moments though) but after that everything is AMAZING. Most reviews label them as AMEBIX + MOTORHEAD and I can see where that comes from but it's much better than that in my opinion. Much more melody and AMEBIX is beyond overrated.... sorry but it's true. This is the sound of driving around in a post-apocalyptic world fighting some buff dude in a hockey mask for gasoline ("You wanna get outta heah... you talk ta me"). Anyway, I guess this is OOP now and I don't think it's on any of their CDs.... great cover of the WIPERS' "Doomtown" too. Check it out and also check out COMPLICATIONS which features some members of BORN DEAD ICONS.

01. Modern Plague
02. Privacy Extinct
03. Doomtown
04. Effigies

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Forward-"What Are You Gonna Get" ep

"We are Forward from Japan.....Forward from Japan!" i realy like this band alot, got to see them in San Diego & Texas....this is there 1st ep.....

01. What Are You...
02. Go To Dive

Close Shave-"Attack" ep

From the United Kingdom Close Shave....i've downloaded 2 cd of them, but i like these two songs better........

01. Attack
02. We Hate You

Impiety-"Skullfucking Armageddon" cd

Here's another upload of the imperial christfucking kommanders of kaos Impiety from Singapore....

01. Lords Of Apokalypse
02. Nocturnized
03. Sodomythical Frostgoats
04. Ironflames Of Hate
05. Diabolical Witching Aggression
06. Skullfucked: The Speed Metal Hell
07. Socerique Baphostorms
08. Torment In Fire
09. Serpentspells
10. Cuntblasphemy... Paganistic Bitchgoddess Deiimpalation
11. Magick-Consecration Goatsodomy

Monday, September 22, 2008

v/a-"The Heralds Of Oblivion Vol1" cd

Here's a good comp. of 5 bands from California Death Metal...Keep it rotting & may the foulest of curses fall upon mankind!

01. Prolegomenon/Matanza
02. The Catapult
03. When The Tomb Beckons/The Undertaking

04. Compulsive Beastiality
05. Lust For Carnage
06. Abrupt Gestation

07. Born To Kill
08. Domestic Violence
09. Strain Of Your Life

10. Angeles Diabolicos
11. Eaten By Acid
12. Ratas Humanas

13. Vomulence
14. Poisonous
15. Illusions

Impurity-"Into The Ritual Chamber" cd

Impurity from Brazil, old school Black Metal...

01. The Call
02. Baphomet Shield
03. Dilacereting...
04. Mystical Woman
05. Iao Treasury

(Bonus trax) The Lamb's Fury
06. (Introduction) Ecstasy Law
07. Malediction
08. Sekhmet
09. Lucifer Spewing Blasphemies
10. Darkness Path
11. The Firmament Of Fire
12. Guest Of The Infernal Pit
13. The Lamb's Fury