Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Born Dead Icons -"Modern Plague" ep

4 Track EP from 2001 (shit... has it been that long?) from these Canadians. 1st EP and LP from this band are so-so (still have their moments though) but after that everything is AMAZING. Most reviews label them as AMEBIX + MOTORHEAD and I can see where that comes from but it's much better than that in my opinion. Much more melody and AMEBIX is beyond overrated.... sorry but it's true. This is the sound of driving around in a post-apocalyptic world fighting some buff dude in a hockey mask for gasoline ("You wanna get outta heah... you talk ta me"). Anyway, I guess this is OOP now and I don't think it's on any of their CDs.... great cover of the WIPERS' "Doomtown" too. Check it out and also check out COMPLICATIONS which features some members of BORN DEAD ICONS.

01. Modern Plague
02. Privacy Extinct
03. Doomtown
04. Effigies

Reviewed by my homie Music Of Extinction

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