Wednesday, September 24, 2008

HjerteStop-"Aarh, fuck... Der Er Hjertestop!" ep

Another classic on Kick'N'Punch records. This is a perfect mix of the APA style retro hardcore tuneage plus some of those melodies/hooks from the other KNP/HJERNESPIND bands. I like how the band photo is superimposed to make them look like they are rocking out in front of some blown out building complete with coffins/skeletons. Also a nice back cover photo of a bare-assed punk wearing a leather jacket featuring... a bare-assed punk wearing a leather jacket! Best song title: 1-800-SUICIDE-CLUB.... please make sure to call that number if you like to listen to crap like GOOD CHARLOTTE.

01. Vi Er Overalt
02. Pis Mig I Munden
03. Spogelser
04. Ind I Lejren
05. Vold Vold Vold
06. 1-800-SUICIDE-CLUB

Reviewed by my homie Music Of Extinction

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capitalicide said...

ya i got this 7inch.its pretty dam good and raw

hey can you post this on yer blog for me? im trying to get it out as mutch as possible!
i play in this band germ attak and this my new band,No Solution. we just put out a 21-track tape.its all covers so far.its better than name dropping your influeneces hehehe..
these are the songs covered:

fight for freedom (existenz)
don't forget the chaos (exploited
arms race (bgk)
castidade (olho seco)
blodig stad (absurd)
victimized (chaos uk)
317 nitter (enola gay)
attacco (eu's arse)
fear of war (dr. know)
the plague (the sinyx)
disinfect (headcleaners)
fuck the tories (riot squad)
la nuit noire (berurier noir)
outo maa (terveet kadet)
don't give up (bristles)
ain't no feeble bastard (discharge
doomsday troops (e.a.t.e.r.)
tio timmar (moderat likvidation
attack (rappresaglia)
uskonsota (kaaos)
another religion,another war (varukers)

you listen to all the songs here: ( this link might expire)
if that link doesnt work,try:
please spread these mp3s as much as possible. i also included a printable demo-tape cover.

also heres another local band's demo ,"Schizophasia" ..
if that link doesnt work,try:
its 4 songs of confuse meets hawkwind brutality...
let me know what you think!