Saturday, May 10, 2008

v/a-"Virus" lp

Another great Japanese comp...

01. Ugly Today
02. I Don't Wanna

Lip Cream:
03. Right Stuff
04. Yellow Beauty

Fuck Geez:
05. Open Your Eyes
06. No Fun

07. Buffalo Slam
08. A Summer Vacation

Systematic Death:
09. Jap Gate
10. Jock
11. Hi

Mad Conflux:
12. Bloody Character
13. Go Out
14. Pink Panther

15. Always Hate
16. We Don't Want Fuckin' Laws

v/a-"Murders...Among Us" ep

Here is a good comp from the U.S.A.....murder among us....enjoy it!

01. Dead And Gone

Life's Blood:
02. Human Power

03. Electrodes

Born Against:
04. The Good Father

Friday, May 9, 2008

Fertil Miseria-"Reaccion" ep

Fertil Miseria from Colombia, this is a very good ep, with female vocals, this is there 1st ep (hard core noise)...there 2nd one "Cadenas" is also good....will post it later

01. Reaccion
02. Profeta Politico
03. Miseria De Medallo
04. Represion
05. Fertil Miseria
06. Somos Diferentes
07. Ebrios
08. Los Generales

next generation of punk?

hey, thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday.....when i get old and loose my hearing, my nephew will take over my collection (only if he's a good punk).....been getting lot's of new records, i need lots of room...i will get rid of some records, so if anybody is interested to buy or trade, hit me up....i will try to make a list soon....if trades, send me your list....thanks and lets the music begging......."...What's your point of coming to a show, if all you're going to do is drink and pose...Are you a part of the scene, or just trying to be seen?....."-Cthuwulf's my email if you wanna contact me:

nemesio el amargado..a.k.a. Lalo