Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Chronic Atrocity-"Kingdom of the damned" demo

East L.A. brings you Chronic Atrocity, this demo came out in 1991...saw them play some show in late 80's, they alway played a good show, it's hard for me to talk about the music that i like....but this demo rules...con puños muy alto!.....this page is for Gogie (R.I.P)..yyyyyaaaaaaaaoooooo

01. Kingdom of the damned
02. The alchemist
03. Three wise men
04. Greed the pusher

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Rasix/Sociedad Violenta-split ep

Two good Colombian bands Rasix & Sociedad Violenta...Raw ass punk.

01. No mas que nos opriman
02. Plasticas

Sociedad Violenta:
03. Violencia y destruccion
04. Frutos podridos

Shampain_"Siempre lo mismo" ep

Shampain from Puerto Rico, love this ep...straight out hard core....looking for there demo, hook me up with it.

01. Un buen ejemplo
02. La radio esta muerta
03. No mas
04. Maldito estafador
05. Siempre lo mismo
06. Bocon
07. Cada vez menos

Inferno-"S/T" ep

From Germany Inferno, hard core with melody in it.

01. Sohn gottes
02. Zukunftsvisioner
03. Ungewissheit