Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Beyond Description-"Calm Loving Life" 3" cd

From Japan comes Beyond Description, this is one of my favorite releases from them. They remind me a little of Discordia from Tijuana...Crust as fuck!

01. Awake
02. Contention
03. Exploitation
04. Truth
05. Release
06. Appearance
07. Leech
08. Value
09. Rise
10. Desecration
11. Thrust
12. Treason
13. Prod
14. Pillage


Abstain-"Defy" 3" cd

I got to see Abstain play as a three and two piece...they were a good grind core band live. Could someone upload the demo?

01. My Generation
02. Superiority
03. Complex
04. Discriminating
05. Nation
06. Why?
07. The Feeding II
08. No Value
09. Pseudoscience
10. Choke
11. Circle Of Fools
12. Poetic Justice
13. Torture In Entirety (Disrupt)
14. Religion Is A Fraud (Disrupt)
15. House Of Straw


Mythic-"Mourning In The Winter Solstice" cd

Mythic from the U.S.A. an all female Death/Doom Metal band, with Guitarist Dana Duffey of Demonic Christ...will upload the demo soon.

01. Winter Solstice
02. Lament Configuration
03. Intro/Spawn Of Absu


Toccata And Bulla-"Concebidos En La Tierra Bastarda" 3" cd

Toccata And Bulla from Ecuador, have the sound of early power of violence and crust...is there any other reases from them.......i want more!

01. Arrimados Con La Amargura
02. Lagraima Cero
03. Sembradores Del Odio
04. Parate Y Reacciona
05. America Cierra Tu Puño
06. Hijos Del Rigor
07. Sin Rostro
08. Responsabilidad Ciega
09. El Pan Y Los Cedos
10. Un Paso
11. En Un Dia Comun
12. Inconciencia
13. Ni Dios Ni Ley
14. Quien Tiene Las Riendas
15. Sin Temor A Soñar


Dropdead-"Drop On-The Bootleg" 3" cd

I saw Dropdead in L.A., San Diego And Texas...could not get into them...i really like the early stuff, so enjoy this live 3" cd recorded at Hiroshima Japan.

01. Bullshit Tradition
02. Unjustified Murder
03. At The Cost Of An Animal
04. Requiem
05. No Glory
06. Max
07. Control
08. New World Slaughter
09. Hopeless
10. Herd
11. Washed Away
12. I Will Defy
13. Army Of Hate
14. Life Is Chains
15. The Circle Complete