Sunday, July 17, 2011

Junk Radio-"開戦前夜" ep

Junk Radio from Japan, reminds me of a little of The Clash. Got more material, but my computer is running slow. Gonna try to upload more.

01. Revolver
02. To Nothing
03. Count Down 4,3,2,1
04. 開戦前夜

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Zygoatsis-"Siamese Warmageddon" ep

The 1st EP from Zygoatsis, I've posted a rehearsal demo from them. Sounds to me more Crust than Black Metal, with blast beats. Only a limited of 300 were made.

01. Sacrilegious Holocaust
02. Supreme Hatred Of The Antichrist
03. Altar of Blackblood (Morbosidad)
04. Insex Slavement Warfair

v/a-"Tokyo Crusties Conp" ep

Tokyo Crusties with good band Battle Of Disarm, Collapse Society, Abraham Cross & Crocodile Skink. A compilation well done.

Battle Of Disarm:
01. Murderer Is Hero
02. We Shuldn't Go Long Any More

Collapse Society:
03. Practice?
04. Necessity Of Danger

Abraham Cross:
05. Same As War
06. Pointless Tooth

Crocodile Skink:
07. War Game
08. Remember

The Addiction-"Voice Of Bristle Punk" ep

This is the 1st ep from The Addiction from Japan. Did not know about this ep, until my friend sold it to me. It's a little different from the second ep and lp. More punk than pogo.

01. Survivors
02. No!
03. Enemy
04. Spiky Kids Are Innocent
05. Indignation
06. Love & Punk Mind

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Los Illegals-"El Lay" ep

"Los Illegal are five young Mexican-Americans currently living and challenging American dream on and in the streets of the barrio in East Los Angeles-an Hispanic haven for both legal and illegal aliens and refugees. Their single contains 2 song/poems dealing with subjects as diverse a lost loves, expectations, and identities. Songs of survival, hope, anger, youth violence and death. Fortunately, Los Illegals mean what they say." Bob Garcia

01. El Lay
02. El Lay (En Español)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tokyo Yankees & Gorgoyle flexies

Two great Metal bands from Japan, Tokyo Yankees & Gorgoyle. Don't let the glam look fool you, good riffs of pure Heavy Metal. One song of each band, one sided flexies.

Tokyo Yankees:
01. Joker

01. Halleluyah

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Überkrøppling-"Født Fucked" one sided 12"

Only 150 of this one sided 12" was made. Überkrøppling are a good Hardcore band from Denmark. I just ordered the new 7", hope is good as this one.

01. 5A
02. Fjæs
03. Født Fucked
04. Fremad
05. Kærlighed
06. Nein
07. Op I Røven
08. Sexualhieraki.
09. Tralala
10. Überkrøppling Tema
11. Volden Kommer Snart

Sunday, June 26, 2011

War Zone-"Amerika The Pitiful" ep

Not to get confused with Warzone from New York, War Zone are from California. This ep, was supposed to come out in '82, but was released until '90. Very good record, i almost did not buy it.

01. American Business
02. Multinational Corporations (MNC)
03. Election Day
04. Stuck In '77
05. Racists Are Dumb Shits

v/a-"Pusmort Sampler" ep + flexi

Another good compilation from Pusmort, did not know this existed...catching up with in the scene.

Septic Death:
01. Insanity

02. Going Under

Corruption Of Peace:
03. Bleeding Children

Final Conflict:
04. Constant Fear

Negative Gain:
05. No Life At All

06. Jerusalem

07. Freeman

Ghoul Squad:
08. Necro Doll

09. Slap In The Face

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Merrygoround-"Outside Punx" 8" flexi

I just woke up from a heavy sleep, i'm back and with lots of new material. Merrygoround from Japan, good hardcore band. I always wanted to hear this band, i found this flexi for a good price. So enjoy and let the madness begin.

01. Crazy Bell
02. Golden Crime
03. Broken Heart