Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Nuclear Death-"Bride Of Insect/Carrion For Worm" cd

From Arizona, Nuclear Death...I remember seeing these two albums at Wild Rags in the 80's & 90's, but never picked them this cd from my's very brutal with a female i want the vynals...arrggggg!

"Bride Of Insect"

01. Necrobestiality
02. Corpse Of Allegiance
03. Feral Viscera
04. Stygian Tranquility
05. Place Of Skulls
06. Cremation
07. The Colour Of Blood
08. The Beloved Whore Celebration
09. Fetal Lament/ Homesick
10. Bride Of Insect
11. The Misshapen Horror
12. Vultures Feeding

"Carrion For Worm"

13. Spawn Song
14. The Human Seed
15. Proposing To The Impaled
16. Moribund
17. Greenflies
18. Return Of The Feasting Witch
19. A Dark Country
20. Lurker In The Closet/ A "Fairy" Tale
21. Cathedral Of Sleep
22. Homage To Morpheus
23. Carrion For Worm
24. Vampirism