Monday, March 1, 2010

Sickterror-"Peste Católica" cd

Hardcore Crust from Brazil...This is one of the early recording of Sickterror, one of my favorite from them..enjoy and leave comments...

01. Peste Católica
02. O Fim
03. Muletas
04. Ainda Escravos
05. Políticos Malditos, Crentes Facistas
06. Seu Funeral Será Nossa Festa
07. Campos Da Morte
08. Inimigos Por Natureza
09. Só Os Mortos Não Reclamam
10. Só Me Resta O Ódio

Young And Dangerous-"Dangerous Youth And The Life Saving Thrash Punk Tunes" cd

Malaysia Bandana Thrash....yup, fast & furious...thrashcore circle pit!

01. Introduction To The Thrashpunk Definition
02. Inspired, Motivated, Dedicated!
03. Political Corruptical
04. Thrash Your Misery
05. Watch Your Back!
06. Thrashin' Rock N Roll Radio
07. Fierce Mohawks...Lame Attitude
08. Small Room Pack Kids
09. Ride Fast, Die Young...Long Live Play Fast
10. Glory! Glory! Thrash United!
11. Lies + Deception = Mass Medias
12. Young Until I Die (7 Seconds)
13. Some Kinda Business = Marriage
14. Y.A.D. L.O.V.E. T.O.U.R.I.N.G.
15. Your Cliche Minded Make Us Puke
16. Sadisnya Nasib Alam Sekitarku