Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Beyond Description-"Calm Loving Life" 3" cd

From Japan comes Beyond Description, this is one of my favorite releases from them. They remind me a little of Discordia from Tijuana...Crust as fuck!

01. Awake
02. Contention
03. Exploitation
04. Truth
05. Release
06. Appearance
07. Leech
08. Value
09. Rise
10. Desecration
11. Thrust
12. Treason
13. Prod
14. Pillage


Abstain-"Defy" 3" cd

I got to see Abstain play as a three and two piece...they were a good grind core band live. Could someone upload the demo?

01. My Generation
02. Superiority
03. Complex
04. Discriminating
05. Nation
06. Why?
07. The Feeding II
08. No Value
09. Pseudoscience
10. Choke
11. Circle Of Fools
12. Poetic Justice
13. Torture In Entirety (Disrupt)
14. Religion Is A Fraud (Disrupt)
15. House Of Straw


Mythic-"Mourning In The Winter Solstice" cd

Mythic from the U.S.A. an all female Death/Doom Metal band, with Guitarist Dana Duffey of Demonic Christ...will upload the demo soon.

01. Winter Solstice
02. Lament Configuration
03. Intro/Spawn Of Absu


Toccata And Bulla-"Concebidos En La Tierra Bastarda" 3" cd

Toccata And Bulla from Ecuador, have the sound of early power of violence and crust...is there any other reases from them.......i want more!

01. Arrimados Con La Amargura
02. Lagraima Cero
03. Sembradores Del Odio
04. Parate Y Reacciona
05. America Cierra Tu Puño
06. Hijos Del Rigor
07. Sin Rostro
08. Responsabilidad Ciega
09. El Pan Y Los Cedos
10. Un Paso
11. En Un Dia Comun
12. Inconciencia
13. Ni Dios Ni Ley
14. Quien Tiene Las Riendas
15. Sin Temor A Soñar


Dropdead-"Drop On-The Bootleg" 3" cd

I saw Dropdead in L.A., San Diego And Texas...could not get into them...i really like the early stuff, so enjoy this live 3" cd recorded at Hiroshima Japan.

01. Bullshit Tradition
02. Unjustified Murder
03. At The Cost Of An Animal
04. Requiem
05. No Glory
06. Max
07. Control
08. New World Slaughter
09. Hopeless
10. Herd
11. Washed Away
12. I Will Defy
13. Army Of Hate
14. Life Is Chains
15. The Circle Complete


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Nasum-"Industrislaven" cd

Nasum from Sweden, grind to the core...this is one of there early material from '95.

01. Industrislaven
02. Lopande-Bands Principen
03. Cut To Fit
04. Fantasibi
05. Distortion & Disinformation
06. Brinn
07. Krigets Skord
08. Mer Rens
09. Ditt Ode
10. Ingenting Att Ha!
11. Revolution
12. Den Morka Tiden
13. Forcefed Opinion
14. Domedagen
15. Dolt Under Ytan
16. I Helvetet
17. Skithus
18. Sondermald


Fuck On The Beach-"Betrayed Again" cd

Fuck On The Beach, raw & rough power of violence from Japan...good cd, but to short!

01. Fuck On The Beach
02. Betrayed Again
03. Don't Call Out
04. Alone In Your Room
05. Next Saturday


Disrupt/Destroy-split cd

Two good crust bands from the U.S.A. joined together...Disrupt-"Refuse Planet" & Destroy-"Total Fucking Chaos", both ep's combined on cd and re-released on Relapse Records.

01. Dog Eat Dog
02. Suffocation
03. Subject To Suffering
04. No Value
05. Inebriated
06. refuse Planet
07. G.A.M.E.
08. Consumed By The System

09. Total Fucking Chaos
10. Us Vs. The World
11. Fucking Alternative
12. Doom Of The Greedy
13. The Hordes Of Destruction
14. Santa-God
15. Children's Crusade
16. We're Strong To The Finish 'Cos We Eat Our Spinash


The Fun People-"Experience" cd

From Argentina Fun People, melodic Hard Core sung in spanglish...love this cd, rough sound...look for Nekro other band Boom Boom Kid!

01. Burning Hearts
02. Esos Dias
03. Trash
04. Derecho A Techo
05. Ride On
06. Confiansa


Friday, December 5, 2008

S.A.F.-"Enterrar Y Callar " 10"

From Neatherland comes a very good thrash band S.A.F. (Skulls And Flames). If you put D.R.I., Attitude Adjustment, Corrupted Morals and many other early thrash band together, you'll get S.A.F...the riffs bring back memories and the vocal....WOW!

01. Death Angel
02. Shoot To Kill
03. Mijnkamp.nl
04. W.W.W. (World Wide Wankers)
05. Thrash And Slam For The Revolution
06. No Mercy
07. D.R.I.
08. Zum Kotsen
09. Thrash Attack
10. The Accused
11. Garage Thrash, Slovakia Rules
12. War And Pain
13. We Had A Blast
14. Mijkamp.nl deel II
15. Our Deepest Appreciation


Saturday, November 29, 2008

No Solution-"Demo #1" tape

A member of Germ Attack asked me if I could post this in my blog...of course, this demo is what i call PUNK!...this is what he wrote:
"I play in this band germ attak and this my new band,No Solution. we just put out a 21-track tape.its all covers so far. its better than name dropping your influeneces hehehe..these are the songs covered"...so download this one and enjoy it, I did.

01. Fight For Freedom (Existenz)
02. Don't Forget The Chaos (Exploited)
03. Arms Race (B.G.K.)
04. Castidade (Olho Seco)
05. Blodig Stad (Absurd)
06. Victimized (Chaos U.K.)
07. 317 Nitter (Enola Gay)
08. Attacco (Eu's Arse)
09. Fear Of War (Dr. Know)
10. The Plague (The Sinyx)
11. Disinfect (Headcleaners)
12. Fuck The Tories (Riot Squad)
13. La Nuit Noire (Berurier Noir)
14. Outo Maa (Terveet Kadet)
15. Don't Give Up (Bristles)
16. Ain't No Feeble Bastard (Discharge)
17. Doomsday Troops (E.A.T.E.R.)
18. Tio Timmar (Moderat Likvidation)
19. Attack (Rappresaglia)
20. Uskonsota (Kaaos)
21. Another Religion, Another War (Varukers)


I'm getting out of control of buying lots of music, but it's my way of being alive

hello my friends, just wanna say, i'm one lazy mexican...i have lots of music that i wanna upload, but to much work to do it...soon very soon, i will upload some new stuff...go support my homies blog...up with the punks?, fuck the punks!...porque?, porque yo so punk!!!!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Incontrollados-"Hvem Vil Det Gavne?" ep

Excellent hardcore punk on the Kick'N'Punch label (R.I.P.!!!) from 2001 (not sure but that's the recording date at least). This is more along the lines of AMDI PETERSENS ARME meaning that it's straightforward U.S. style hardcore as opposed to the more "punky" stuff coming out of Denmark at the same time.... this is just as good in my opinion as APA but for some reason no one ever talks about this EP. Maybe no one likes the cover since it looks like that REPLACEMENTS album (I like them though...)? Anyways, check out the boss guitar sound and FYI "Det er OK at vaere grim" translates to "It's OK to be ugly". Close your eyes and imagine it is 1981......

01. Hvem vil det gavne?
02. Til salg
03. Det er OK at vaere grim
04. Ingen representant
05. Hvor var du?
06. Hej med dig
07. Macho kindergarten
08. Tyveri


Reviewed by my homie Music Of Extinction

HjerteStop-"Aarh, fuck... Der Er Hjertestop!" ep

Another classic on Kick'N'Punch records. This is a perfect mix of the APA style retro hardcore tuneage plus some of those melodies/hooks from the other KNP/HJERNESPIND bands. I like how the band photo is superimposed to make them look like they are rocking out in front of some blown out building complete with coffins/skeletons. Also a nice back cover photo of a bare-assed punk wearing a leather jacket featuring... a bare-assed punk wearing a leather jacket! Best song title: 1-800-SUICIDE-CLUB.... please make sure to call that number if you like to listen to crap like GOOD CHARLOTTE.

01. Vi Er Overalt
02. Pis Mig I Munden
03. Spogelser
04. Ind I Lejren
05. Vold Vold Vold
06. 1-800-SUICIDE-CLUB


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Born Dead Icons -"Modern Plague" ep

4 Track EP from 2001 (shit... has it been that long?) from these Canadians. 1st EP and LP from this band are so-so (still have their moments though) but after that everything is AMAZING. Most reviews label them as AMEBIX + MOTORHEAD and I can see where that comes from but it's much better than that in my opinion. Much more melody and AMEBIX is beyond overrated.... sorry but it's true. This is the sound of driving around in a post-apocalyptic world fighting some buff dude in a hockey mask for gasoline ("You wanna get outta heah... you talk ta me"). Anyway, I guess this is OOP now and I don't think it's on any of their CDs.... great cover of the WIPERS' "Doomtown" too. Check it out and also check out COMPLICATIONS which features some members of BORN DEAD ICONS.

01. Modern Plague
02. Privacy Extinct
03. Doomtown
04. Effigies


Reviewed by my homie Music Of Extinction

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Forward-"What Are You Gonna Get" ep

"We are Forward from Japan.....Forward from Japan!" i realy like this band alot, got to see them in San Diego & Texas....this is there 1st ep.....

01. What Are You...
02. Go To Dive


Close Shave-"Attack" ep

From the United Kingdom Close Shave....i've downloaded 2 cd of them, but i like these two songs better........

01. Attack
02. We Hate You


Impiety-"Skullfucking Armageddon" cd

Here's another upload of the imperial christfucking kommanders of kaos Impiety from Singapore....

01. Lords Of Apokalypse
02. Nocturnized
03. Sodomythical Frostgoats
04. Ironflames Of Hate
05. Diabolical Witching Aggression
06. Skullfucked: The Speed Metal Hell
07. Socerique Baphostorms
08. Torment In Fire
09. Serpentspells
10. Cuntblasphemy... Paganistic Bitchgoddess Deiimpalation
11. Magick-Consecration Goatsodomy


Monday, September 22, 2008

v/a-"The Heralds Of Oblivion Vol1" cd

Here's a good comp. of 5 bands from California Death Metal...Keep it rotting & may the foulest of curses fall upon mankind!

01. Prolegomenon/Matanza
02. The Catapult
03. When The Tomb Beckons/The Undertaking

04. Compulsive Beastiality
05. Lust For Carnage
06. Abrupt Gestation

07. Born To Kill
08. Domestic Violence
09. Strain Of Your Life

10. Angeles Diabolicos
11. Eaten By Acid
12. Ratas Humanas

13. Vomulence
14. Poisonous
15. Illusions


Impurity-"Into The Ritual Chamber" cd

Impurity from Brazil, old school Black Metal...

01. The Call
02. Baphomet Shield
03. Dilacereting...
04. Mystical Woman
05. Iao Treasury

(Bonus trax) The Lamb's Fury
06. (Introduction) Ecstasy Law
07. Malediction
08. Sekhmet
09. Lucifer Spewing Blasphemies
10. Darkness Path
11. The Firmament Of Fire
12. Guest Of The Infernal Pit
13. The Lamb's Fury


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Straw Dogs-"Alright Boy" ep

Straw Dogs is a Britain Oi! band...i will upload the 2nd ep later

01. Alright Boy
02. Hope And Glory


Brassknuckles-"Media" ep

From Germany Brassknuckles, a very good Oi! band...what sucks, is that it's the only record I could find from them.

01. Brassknuckles
02. Another Life
03. Media
04. Der Schander


Monday, September 15, 2008

Sugar-"Live Now, Paylater" cd

Another good band from Japan Sugar...this band rips, i will like to hear more from them......

01. Shotgun
02. Bloody Vengeance
03. No Fade
04. Rebel
05. 風


S.D.S.-"Ameber" cd

I really like this cd from S.D.S. from Japan alot, good metal riffs and the experimental effects are brutal!

01. Ameber
02. Cyber God
03. Brain Invader
04. The Grinder


GIL-"Hard Core" cd

Just like what the cd says Hard Core, with some metal in it...it's good, but i still love the first GIL flexi ep....

01. 不動明王信言
02. Hard Core
03. 鼓動を燃やせ
04. 汚世
05. Go Mad With GIL


Exterminate-"理想と現実" cd

Ok, I'm back and ready to upload more music, so to start it out.....here's Exterminate from Japan...raw hard core, with some good back up vocals....

01. Wasted Chain
02. Take Back
03. 理想と現実
04. 何ヲ…?
05. Outside Emotion


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Religious War-"S/T" ep

Another 3 track 7" of PDX punk (although only 2 songs are listed on the back cover). This is Religious War's 1st 7" and although I prefer the 2nd 7" "Asylum" (raw perfection!) this is still worth checking out. This is on Spent Round Records and has some nice artwork on the inside sleeve of studded jackets, automatic rifles, and dildos (punk!). Members are now in ROTTEN CADAVER and I'm sure were in a bunch of other PDX bands... will someone please build a PDX punk band family tree? Anyways, check it out and check out their 2nd 7" which can be found here: http://distortminds. blogspot. com/2007/07/pdx-punk. html

01. Judgement
02. Blurred Vision
03. Green Bitch


Reviewed by my homie Music Of Extinction

Bomb Heaven-"S/T" ep

3 Track 7" of PDX hardcore punk... not much to say except that if you are a fan of BLOOD SPIT NIGHTS, DOG SOLDIER, MASSKONTROLL (this reminded me of them for some reason...), and those millions of other PDX punk bands then you'll probably enjoy this. I guess this was originally on Doomsday records and then repressed on Black Water? I didn't think they were around anymore but apparently there is an LP coming out soonish on Black Water so who knows?

1. Warfear
2. In The End
3. Prisoner For Life


Reviewed by my homie Music Of Extinction

Monday, May 19, 2008

Morbosidad-"Legiones Bestiales" ep

Morbosidad de U.S.A.....chingado! esta banda destroso mi alma....puro matrayeta estilo mobroso metal...."Cojete A Dios Por El Culo"....this ep is just one of all brutal stuff

01. Intro
02. Dios Muerto
03. Conjuro Infernal
04. Outro


Maniac Butcher-"The Beast" ep

From Czech Republic Maniac Butcher...aaaaaaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhhhh! how evil can Black Metal get?

01. The Beast
02. Dva Tisice Let


Impiety/Surrender Of Divinity-split 2xep

Total Black Metal double ep....from Singapore Impiety...it's so hell of blast beats and Surrender Of Divinity from Thailand more evil blast beats....."Two Majesties: An Arrogant Alliance Of Satan's Extreme Elite"

01. The Seventh Goatspawn
02. Imperative Coronation
03. Invisible Force (Destruction)
04. Blessed Are The Borachos (Outronomicon)

Surrender Of Divinity:
05. The Triumph Of Majesty
06. Hades (Bathory)
07. The Darkness Against Light


Azaghal-"Helwettilainen" ep

Finland Black Metal...Azaghal....the picture says it all...evil as brutal

01. Helwettilainen
02. Ihmissusi


Crypt Of Kerberos-"Cyclone Of Insanity" ep

Crypt Of Kerberos from Sweden, total old school Death Metal

01. Cyclone Of Insanity
02. The Ancient War


Saturday, May 10, 2008

v/a-"Virus" lp

Another great Japanese comp...

01. Ugly Today
02. I Don't Wanna

Lip Cream:
03. Right Stuff
04. Yellow Beauty

Fuck Geez:
05. Open Your Eyes
06. No Fun

07. Buffalo Slam
08. A Summer Vacation

Systematic Death:
09. Jap Gate
10. Jock
11. Hi

Mad Conflux:
12. Bloody Character
13. Go Out
14. Pink Panther

15. Always Hate
16. We Don't Want Fuckin' Laws


v/a-"Murders...Among Us" ep

Here is a good comp from the U.S.A.....murder among us....enjoy it!

01. Dead And Gone

Life's Blood:
02. Human Power

03. Electrodes

Born Against:
04. The Good Father


Friday, May 9, 2008

Fertil Miseria-"Reaccion" ep

Fertil Miseria from Colombia, this is a very good ep, with female vocals, this is there 1st ep (hard core noise)...there 2nd one "Cadenas" is also good....will post it later

01. Reaccion
02. Profeta Politico
03. Miseria De Medallo
04. Represion
05. Fertil Miseria
06. Somos Diferentes
07. Ebrios
08. Los Generales


next generation of punk?

hey, thanks to all who wished me a happy birthday.....when i get old and loose my hearing, my nephew will take over my collection (only if he's a good punk).....been getting lot's of new records, i need lots of room...i will get rid of some records, so if anybody is interested to buy or trade, hit me up....i will try to make a list soon....if trades, send me your list....thanks and lets the music begging......."...What's your point of coming to a show, if all you're going to do is drink and pose...Are you a part of the scene, or just trying to be seen?....."-Cthuwulf

ps.here's my email if you wanna contact me:

nemesio el amargado..a.k.a. Lalo

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

lots of thanks to everybody

may is specials month for me.....on may 14th, i will be turning 37...wow!...i never thought i will still be into punk at this age...chingado! 23 years and still punking.....my collection is a dedication to all the so called punks who called me a poser in my school years...who's the poser now.....punk por vida......so thanks to everybody who leaves messages on the blog, and the bands who owns the rights of these records (thanks for the music).....i will put up more music soon, keep your eyes out.....nemesio el amargado

ps.....check out my homies blogs, they have very good music:

pss.....please leave messages or i will take more longer to put up music.....ha!...any kind of message will do.....gracias.....oi!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Viimeinen Kolonna-"Onnellisuus ahoistaa" ep

Viimeinen Kolonna from Finland....if you like Totuus or Uutuus, then you'll like this one....

01. Turvattu
02. Tarkoitus Pyhittaa Keinot
03. Ihmisen Haju
04. Tulessa Puhdistettu
05. Pahantekija
06. Onnellisuus Ahdistaa
07. Vahinkoelain
08. Viides Ratsumies
09. Matalaotsat
10. Peto


Kyklooppien Sukupuutto-"Helvetin elementit" ep

Kyklooppien Sukupuutto from Finland...hard core in the vein of Kaaos

01. Helvetin Elementit
02. Pelon Liiketoimintaa
03. Kyklooppien Sukupuutto
04. Sivustakatselija
05. Alyn Jattilaiset


Youth Anthem-"Standing point" ep

Oi! band from Japan....Youth Anthem....enjoy!

01. Skinheads on the street tonight
02. Boundless war
03. Out of cotrol


Dog Soldier-"Flies" ep

Another good band from Portland, Dog Soldier...the first song is very brutal....gonna pickup the lp soon

01. Flies
02. Brain Destruction
03. Too Many Kings


Cut Throat-"At the seams" ep

Cut Throat from Portland, it's good....how's the one sided lp?

01. At the seams
02. Bring to nothing
03. Unconvinced


v/a-"Attack" ep

Here is a good compilation from Japan....

Deadless Muss:
01. Atomic Bomb
02. Power Of Youth

So What:
03. The Final Cry
04. Sick Number

05. Cock Sucker
06. Last Night

Fuck Geez:
07. Shimensoka


Friday, April 25, 2008

Dead Ups-"No rules" ep

Dead Ups from Japan, are a noise punk band with female vocals....

01. Don't Look Down On Me
02. Stand To My Guns
03. Rise To Hell
04. In Desperation
05. Knock Your Head Against The Wall
06. Spoiler


Asbest-"Man ka' dø af det" demo

Got this demo from my homie Samuel Tomas El Tercero, Asbest from Denmark...this is one good demo '01....raw hard core, does anybody know about other releases?

01. Spil Død
02. 6 Timer
03. Slagkraft
04. Dødskontrol
05. Blæst
06. Lyset Er Grønt Gaden Er Rød
07. Endløs Meningsløs
08. Ansigt Til Salg
09. Fjarnsyn For Dig
10. Kloden Drejer Stille Af
11. Vejen Er Lagt


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Blog Not Dead

Hello everybody, just want to let you know i'm still alive....just been busy again with work and still get them nasty headache...i got new music, that i wanna share with everybody....so keep in the look out for some music....check out my homies blog, they have been putting up some good stuff...."trying means sometimes failing. this is how we learn. we would rather be failures in our attempts to resist, than successful in our attempts to be oblivious assholes." By: Former Members Of Alfosin

Monday, March 3, 2008

Subcaos-"S/T" ep

From Portugal, Subcaos, I almost got rid of this ep, but lucky I keeped it....good hardcore crust

01. Conformidade ou realidade (Instrumental)
02. Veneno
03. S.I.S. (Servicos de inquisicao e subjugacao)
04. Vaticano em chamas
05. The Amerikkkan ideal
06. Deceived


Gibbed-"Eternal Life" flexi ep

Gibbed, grinding death metal from Japan.....I heard that it has members of Unholy Grave...could anybody give me some info...

01. Reminate the bloody state
02. Manufacture of nation
03. Suicide scatter
04. Brain mutilation
05. Repulse the life
06. Inevitable dread


Antitoxin-"The enemy is you" ep

Antitoxin, a good crossover band from Germany....

01. Regression
02. The enemy is you
03. Right to live
04. What are the reasons