Saturday, November 29, 2008

No Solution-"Demo #1" tape

A member of Germ Attack asked me if I could post this in my blog...of course, this demo is what i call PUNK!...this is what he wrote:
"I play in this band germ attak and this my new band,No Solution. we just put out a 21-track tape.its all covers so far. its better than name dropping your influeneces hehehe..these are the songs covered" download this one and enjoy it, I did.

01. Fight For Freedom (Existenz)
02. Don't Forget The Chaos (Exploited)
03. Arms Race (B.G.K.)
04. Castidade (Olho Seco)
05. Blodig Stad (Absurd)
06. Victimized (Chaos U.K.)
07. 317 Nitter (Enola Gay)
08. Attacco (Eu's Arse)
09. Fear Of War (Dr. Know)
10. The Plague (The Sinyx)
11. Disinfect (Headcleaners)
12. Fuck The Tories (Riot Squad)
13. La Nuit Noire (Berurier Noir)
14. Outo Maa (Terveet Kadet)
15. Don't Give Up (Bristles)
16. Ain't No Feeble Bastard (Discharge)
17. Doomsday Troops (E.A.T.E.R.)
18. Tio Timmar (Moderat Likvidation)
19. Attack (Rappresaglia)
20. Uskonsota (Kaaos)
21. Another Religion, Another War (Varukers)