Monday, May 19, 2008

Impiety/Surrender Of Divinity-split 2xep

Total Black Metal double ep....from Singapore's so hell of blast beats and Surrender Of Divinity from Thailand more evil blast beats....."Two Majesties: An Arrogant Alliance Of Satan's Extreme Elite"

01. The Seventh Goatspawn
02. Imperative Coronation
03. Invisible Force (Destruction)
04. Blessed Are The Borachos (Outronomicon)

Surrender Of Divinity:
05. The Triumph Of Majesty
06. Hades (Bathory)
07. The Darkness Against Light

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Anonymous said...

This split is the shit!!!!! It took me forever to find the vinyl version of this after rocking the tape version!!!! Truly worthy of anyones collection!!!! Thanks Lalo!!!