Saturday, February 2, 2008

Reconstruct/Atret-split cd

This cd is a split with Reconstruct & Atret from Malaysia....both bands play crust and Atret has male/female vocals..brutal

01. Kosovo nightmare
02. Demilitarized
03. Dissolution
04. Government fearing us
05. Human crimes
06. Hypocrite
07. Money isn't our god

08. Zero point
09. Rage the lies
10. A fight and life
11. Human
12. Fightback
13. Abolish the state
14. Shut the fuck
15. Your life
16. Exloitation
17. Berontak
18. Survive
19. What's for
20. Destroy


Anonymous said...

Love your blogg!

Cheers from Sweden.

aji said...

for your information, Atret is crust band from Indonesia. Not from Malaysia.
I've heard that the band was split up right now...poor...
anyway, tou have a great blog!