Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Psycho-"6 Song e.p.-Song of 8 song e.p." ep

Psycho U.S.A. hardcore, came out in '85. Good stuff here, also look for the lp "Hosebags"

01. P.M.A.
02. Screw the pooch
03. I can't stand you
04. Salvation
05. How much longer



Anonymous said...

PSYCHO is good, just downloaded this. btw, would you like to exchange the blog links? i am new, wanna spread the word and i like your blog. let me know, just leave comment, ok?

Anonymous said...

fukkin awesome post!!!CHEERS

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Another good post!

Anonymous said...

¡Gracias! Ah, en el blog Kill By Death Records se encuentra el "padre" de este EP, el 12" de 1983
Fernando :)