Monday, January 21, 2008

GeriLive-"Growing up" ep

I think it has ex members of Little Princess...GeriLive are from San Francisco. grindcore when it was still good.

01. Mongolian fish
02. White lover
03. Angry ass
04. Mr. Hanky on the floor
05. Poop swimming
06. Fifgt! tank
07. Misoji-man
08. Swan lake
09. Outtro

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Aesop said...

Being from SF I saw this band and Little Princess many times. Geri Live was really just Little Princess with a different name. Both bands were centered around some women from Japan, I think Geri Live ended when one or all of them's visas expired and they returned to Japan. They had 2 women who's only role in the band was to flank each side of the stage and perform choreographed dances. Waaaay cool.