Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Demise-"Furnace Of Tension" ep

From California we have hardcore....there 10 inch, I really didn't get into...and a haven't heard there 8 inch flexi

01. Shack treatment
02. Blank walls
03. Industrial death
04. Inflicted
05. Dwelling


Aesop said...

This blog is just kicking much ass. I may be wrong, but wasn't this band from Wisconsin? Am I thinking of another Demise. The one I'm thinking of had Grant from Talk Is Poison on guitar.

Anonymous said...

i have this as original vinyl, i like this stuff a lot, mad as hell. it is 45 rpm 7'', released in 1000 copies by Off The Disk in Switzerland, and this Demise is Californian, yes. can't find any info on the record when exactly was this released / recorded. anyway, great blog, glad you contacted me and thanx a lot for links exchange.

Char said...

This Demise was from LA, if I remember correctly. The Demise from Milwaukee weren't as grindy. Both are excellent bands, though. Milwaukee Demise was my first punk show. It was in a basement in Rapid City South Dakota in 1992.