Monday, January 21, 2008

Gepopel-"Paracide" ep

Another great band and this one is from Holand, I got this one in high school..Gepopel is one band that i could remember from my youth.....looking for there split tape with Funeral Oration on BCT, help me out.

01. Paracide
02. In our hands
03. Dogs
04. Ze komen ook bij jou
05. Bandwagon
06. Tied to time
07. Blind faith
08. Just because


Anonymous said...

thanx for this. only heard the song off Network of Friends so be interested to hear their other stuff

Anonymous said...

Nice post! This is an incredible record. The guitarist ran a blog Cool anecdotes about the band and the early dutch hardcore scene. Check it out.

You can get the BCT tape from Social Napalm or (I think that's the new address).

Thanks for the downloads!