Thursday, January 17, 2008

Vitu's Dance/H.H.H.-split lp

Vitu's Dance from Spain, here's there split lp with H.H.H.......I only put the Vitu's Dance this band is totaly hardcore!

01. Intro/Despertar
02. Dos mentes, un mundo
03. Street
04. A la caza de brujas
05. Mi generacion
06. Uh?
07. Cualquier dia...cualqier dia
08. Pasion
09. Johny Juergas
10. Esto es lo que quiero que veas
11. Diles que se vayan
12. Ante la ley


gone said...

great record,the hhh side is my fav thou!.625 records put out an hhh discog cd(i think) that i keep meaning to buy..
p,s cheers for posting the Chicano Christ ep never heard that before,look forward to more posts.


hi, the intro doesn't work, please re-up ;), thanx