Saturday, May 10, 2008

v/a-"Virus" lp

Another great Japanese comp...

01. Ugly Today
02. I Don't Wanna

Lip Cream:
03. Right Stuff
04. Yellow Beauty

Fuck Geez:
05. Open Your Eyes
06. No Fun

07. Buffalo Slam
08. A Summer Vacation

Systematic Death:
09. Jap Gate
10. Jock
11. Hi

Mad Conflux:
12. Bloody Character
13. Go Out
14. Pink Panther

15. Always Hate
16. We Don't Want Fuckin' Laws


Batguano said...

This comp is pure gold! Why the fuck aren't people commenting! Thanks for sharing it.

Papst Benedikt XVI said...

maybe cause they are as lazy as I am?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great comp, Always wanted to hear it. The SIC stuff is good, i had never heard them. Thanks again.