Saturday, April 19, 2008

Blog Not Dead

Hello everybody, just want to let you know i'm still alive....just been busy again with work and still get them nasty headache...i got new music, that i wanna share with keep in the look out for some music....check out my homies blog, they have been putting up some good stuff...."trying means sometimes failing. this is how we learn. we would rather be failures in our attempts to resist, than successful in our attempts to be oblivious assholes." By: Former Members Of Alfosin


Aesop said...

Whew. Look forward to more Amargado

Nish said...

Hello my friend.
Maggot Sandwich delivered!
All 3 7"s are up on my blog ;)

Nish said...

Maggot Sandwich - Get Off The Stage
Ready for you!

Anonymous said...

Lalo I found more demos!!!! Drunkards demo,Insult demo(Italy),and more let me know!!!