Monday, September 22, 2008

Impurity-"Into The Ritual Chamber" cd

Impurity from Brazil, old school Black Metal...

01. The Call
02. Baphomet Shield
03. Dilacereting...
04. Mystical Woman
05. Iao Treasury

(Bonus trax) The Lamb's Fury
06. (Introduction) Ecstasy Law
07. Malediction
08. Sekhmet
09. Lucifer Spewing Blasphemies
10. Darkness Path
11. The Firmament Of Fire
12. Guest Of The Infernal Pit
13. The Lamb's Fury


Aesop said...

I love this band but this is not my favorite by them. Come on over to my place and check out their amazingly fucked up "guest of The Infernal Pit" 7"

Anonymous said...

Nunca pensei que fosse encontrar este disco excelente aqui! Valeu, Amargado! 'Tava difícil, mas achei esse petardo de meus tempos. Abraço!