Sunday, December 9, 2007

Chicano Christ-"S/T" ep

Chicano Christ, what a name for a band.....with Ron Martinez (ex Final Conflict) on vocals. it sucks that they only did this ep....come caca

01. Come' caca
02. Chanklas y chades
03. Where you from eh?
04. Dirty choneez
05. Brujeria goes to hell
06. Pethos
07. Jesus was a vato
08. Chit!
09. Fajitas
10. I hate menudo
11. Veteranos
12. Outro


Anonymous said...

Dude, I ALWAYS wanted to hear these guys! And now I can!

Anonymous said...

yes this rules big time
thank you !!!!!!!
el wino

Anonymous said...

I had this 7" yeeaaars ago! I thought I'd never hear "Come Caca" ever again! Props!

Anonymous said...

hey im form mexico i have a band of d-beat link of myspace


Anonymous said...

CHICANO-CHRIST rules!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

One has to mention the 7" was on brown vinyl of course.

DJ Gummo

Anonymous said...

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