Sunday, December 9, 2007

Brain Death-"Personal affair" ep

Brain Death from Japan, with a female lead singer....nothing but hardcore! (Re-Uploaded)

01. Funny dancing
02. Get back
03. Whistle
04. Convert city
05. Sacrafice
06. Queer in the head
07. Personal affair
08. Narcissust


Anonymous said...

female fronted japcore ? great!

Anonymous said...

pure sxoxbx influence. they thank sxoxbx on the back of the jacket.

D4NIEL said...

I have a version downloaded of this 7' which is completely different except for the last two tracks, which are the first two tracks. Also, I only hear female vocals on last two tracks. Is this a mistake? I am so confused!

Anonymous said...

it is a mistake. the first six tracks are from the 'gil - to us conflict is not important 7"'.

Anonymous said...

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