Monday, March 16, 2009

v/a-"4 Way Cd" cd

Another great compilation....

Forca Macabra (Finland):
01. Internal Desolation
02. Agonized Life
03. Massacre
04. Aggression
05. Death Of The Inocents
06. Civil War

Masher (Brazil):
07. Too Much Time...
08. Nothing Will Change
09. Talking Much...Doing Nothing
10. A War Without Bombs
11. A Reason For War
12. Why Can't You Admit
13. No Barriers, No Limits
14. We Need The Nature
15. I'll Keep On Trying

Mahogany (Brazil):
16. Suffocated
17. Mutilated In Peace's Name
18. Equals, But Differents
19. Trying To Change
20. Solidarity Or Fanatism?!
21. Empty World

Vomit Fall (Italy):
22. Being A Man
23. Ultimatum
24. Victims Of The Night
25. Existence
26. Lazy
27. As One


Anonymous said...

thanks, MASHER is brutral!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm ex-Mahogany vocals. I like so much of this stuff, but unfortunately we stop the band after release this CD.

Anonymous said...

Great post! The Mahogany was no doubt, one of most extreme and aggressive bands in the hardcore scene of Sao Paulo in the late 90.