Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Disrupt/Destroy-split cd

Two good crust bands from the U.S.A. joined together...Disrupt-"Refuse Planet" & Destroy-"Total Fucking Chaos", both ep's combined on cd and re-released on Relapse Records.

01. Dog Eat Dog
02. Suffocation
03. Subject To Suffering
04. No Value
05. Inebriated
06. refuse Planet
07. G.A.M.E.
08. Consumed By The System

09. Total Fucking Chaos
10. Us Vs. The World
11. Fucking Alternative
12. Doom Of The Greedy
13. The Hordes Of Destruction
14. Santa-God
15. Children's Crusade
16. We're Strong To The Finish 'Cos We Eat Our Spinash