Sunday, February 17, 2008

Nailed Down-"Violent distortion" 3" cd

Infest+Crossed Out+No Comment+Negative FX+D.R.I.+Despise You=Nailed hardcore tight as O.J.'s glove...this is the only good release that they ever did

01. Fool
02. Dust to dust
03. Time dead
04. Contamination
05. Blade of heart
06. Futile
07. Pain
08. Self
09. Who the helpless (Kuro)
10. Cheap
11. Nothing matters
12. Sarin attack
13. Drown
14. Negative FX (Negative FX)
15. Fear
16. Gunned down
17. I'm no saviour
18. Buried alive
19. Broken glass
20. Knuckle sandwich
21. Tunnel vision
22. Grieve
23. Goodbyes
24. Disinfect
25. Anxiety bound
26. Disaster (Confuse)


Anonymous said...

ND's discography is pretty much all over the place but I'd have to disagree with you on saying this is their ONLY good release. it might be their best but Perth Wolfpack is pretty fucking kick arse.

Sean said...

Destroy Deceitful Fellows is the best! THIS CD SUCKS LALO!!!

kktz said...

some really good aussie fastcore here, it sure doesn't sucks. good choice for covers too (negative fx and kuro), i had tape version back in times, not sure anymore on what label. btw, i am not seeing corpus delicti blog in your links, what happened?

kktz said...

thanx for linking me, i see it now ;)